Moving Can Be Stressful

Moving without stress: Is it even possible?

It’s 3 A.M. in the morning, your fingers are all sticky from tape, there is still a ton of things to be packed, you do not have enough boxes, and the moving company just told you that they have lost half of your stuff. Moving can be stressful, right? But no worries, we have a few useful tips for you on how to make this important step in your move as stress-free as possible. There is no doubt that some level of anxiety will be present, but at least you can reduce that stress while moving as much as possible with the help from our experts.  

Moving can be stressful

How to cope with the stress when moving

1. Hire a moving company to reduce stress

Before you even start with the excruciating process of putting all of your belongings into boxes and bags and then taking it all out again, make sure that you did everything you could to reduce stress as much as you could. That is why we suggest that you hire a moving company. But the task is not that simple. ‘Top Ten Movers In USA’ will gladly share their own perspective on the matter and point you to some of the key characteristic of the company that will help you move without stress. When in doubt consult the list our experts have created for your and make sure to check that you will pick the best moving company to make your move stress-free.

2. Planning and organization

Planning the stress free move

Stay organized during the move

Now that you don’t have to worry about carrying heavy boxes and losing precious possessions, you can focus on your responsibilities. Before you start doing anything, start planning. You will never be able to have a stress-free move  if you don’t organize all of the tasks. Make sure that you stick to a deadline, and that you have taken into account everything. There is no moving without stress if there is no order to the chaos.  

3. Declutter your home

Now that the plan is in motion, make sure to begin by clearing out all of the unnecessary belongings. All of the things that you have gathered throughout the years that you never really use. The best way to reduce the stress of moving is to reduce the amount of things you are going to have to move! Revise everything you have chosen to leave behind and decide whether or not you will sell it, donate it or simply throw it away. Nothing will help you have a stress-free move as earning unexpected money.

4. Moving without stress will take a lot of time

It doesn’t matter if you are switching apartments and going down the hall, or moving from your childhood home across the state, it will take more time than you think. Make sure that you have plenty. Reduce stress of moving by making sure that you will be available for any unexpected delay or change. Take some time of work and focus all of your energy into making the process of moving as stress-free as possible.  

5. Gather enough packaging supplies

When the day of your move actually comes you will not have enough time to run to the nearest store for a couple of extra boxes. The process itself is exhausting enough, do not make it harder on yourself and think in advance. Reduce the stress of moving by eliminating typical causes of stress. Make sure that you have not only enough boxes, but also boxing paper, magazines and newspapers as well as bubble wrap to protect fragile things. Moving companies can destroy your things in the process and that is, perhaps, something you have no control over, but you can make sure that that is avoided by packing responsibly. Moving without stress will be just a distant dream if you know that it’s your fault half of your things got broken.

6. Get enough help for a stress-free move

There are many challenges in life that you should overcome yourself and build your character. Moving is not one of them! Get any help that you can get, because it will be difficult, it will last long and everyone will be exhausted. In a situation like this you do not want to worry if your friends are mad at you because they had to carry 50 boxes up and down the stairs because the elevator broke down. Reduce the stress of moving by dividing the responsibilities and making sure that no one did more that what they signed up to do. That way you will still have enough friends to visit you in your new home when the move is over.

7. Smart packing for a stress-free move

The packing itself can be the most difficult part. Here you can find a lot of useful tips on how to make sure that you do it right. There are couple of things people almost always forget and that in the ends prevents them from having a stress free move.  First and foremost, pack a suitcase with all of the things you are going to use first couple of days, so make sure you really have everything you need – clothes, toiletries and stuff you need for school or work. While packing all of your other things, make sure that the boxes are properly labeled. People always seem to think that they will remember where they put what, but that is never the case. Reduce the stress while moving by clearly labeling everything so that you will have easy access to anything you need.

8. Take care of yourself

Last, but not least, make sure you are taking care of yourself.  You do not have to deal only with the physical aspect of the move itself, but with the psychological as well. Most likely, you are leaving a home behind. Your friends, your neighborhood, your house. You will never have a  stress-free move if you do not prepare yourself for emotions that will inevitably come. Take a day to say goodbye. Spend some time with your local friends and visit all of your favorites places. That way you will be able to have a move without stress, because you will be able to focus and you won’t worry about everything you are leaving behind. And when you arrive in your new home, take some time to relax. You do not have to unpack everything the first day. Enjoy your new neighborhood, take a walk, get to know people that live next door. Before you start tackling new problems make sure you have relaxed both your body and mind, so you will have a stress-free move.