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Neighborhoods in Seattle Popular Among Pet Owners

You can ask any Seattleite, and they’ll tell you there isn’t a place they’d rather call home. You can smell their pride in the air; you can almost cut it with a knife. Is it unwarranted? Anything but. Seattle’s been riding the pedestal wave as one of the top 10 cities to live in the U.S.; win after win, year after year. Pure luck? It has little to do with coffee and everything to do with the progressive thought of its inhabitants. (though the coffee might help with brainstorming) The Emerald City understands how to utilize the gift that’s been given to it. This is the face of the most environmentally friendly coordinate from mountain ranges to lakes and forests, parks and beaches. Welcome to four-legged’s paradise. Now, let’s take a look at some of the neighborhoods in Seattle popular among pet owners.

Symbiosis strut

Any animal lover who has ever had a pet understands this simple truth – it’s unconditional love. A platonic honeymoon phase 24/7; that’s what having a dog looks and feels like. You want to be together all the time. Unlike our four-legged besties, we have duties—social, familial, and work-related. We are easily distracted, and we lose track of time. That’s why finding a dog-friendly neighborhood is any owner’s top priority. We want our symbiosis to be healthy and strong. Strutting the streets. Dogs are called companions for a reason. They would follow us into the universe’s dark matter, zombie apocalypse, and the Greek concept of the underworld. They’d let Hades pet them. The least we can do to return the favor is find a dog-friendly neighborhood, where the bars, restaurants, and shops will welcome and greet our mini superheroes.

A man sitting at desk and petting dog in one of the top neighborhoods in Seattle popular among pet owners.
Finding a dog-friendly neighborhood is any owner’s priority.

South Lake Union

The “Cascade,” or, as the neighborhood’s residents prefer to call it, “Amazonia,” is one of the best spots for young professionals who can’t imagine their life without their doggo. It may have a serious ring to it, as the tech business thrives and the fast-paced ways of modern living seemingly leave no room for merriment. Still, that’s really not what SLU is about. South Lake Union neighborhood takes pride in being pedestrian-friendly, with 170 acres of your dog’s favorite shade of green. With around 360 acres, South Lake Union is a place where you can enjoy before, and after-work walks with your dog without drawing out an elaborate plan for your routine. Just head out to Denny Park, where off-leash freedom meets the good kind of panting. New friends are guaranteed.

University District

Are you looking for the hippest neighborhoods in Seattle? Welcome to the U-district. (“Did you know” section: Seattle is home to more pets than children and has been voted top dog of the country repeatedly? just saying.) This versatile neighborhood is home to the University of Washington (703 acres! of green and clean paths for dog walks), a micro-city with over 40,000 attending students, and a perfect place for young families and professionals. Still, its laid-back aura with a bohemian touch steals the show. Plus, all the greenery. Living in U-district is for outdoor enthusiasts who will cherish and enjoy their time with their pooches along the Burke Gilman Trail connecting straight into Lake Washington Ship Canal (so, grab those paddles and paws, we’re going kayaking). You can stop by Portage Bay Cafe on your way back.

A man and a dog in nature depicting neighborhoods in Seattle popular among pet owners.
Living in University District is for outdoor enthusiasts who have dogs.

West Seattle

You ask: What are the neighborhoods in Seattle popular among pet owners? – We answer West Seattle. No surprises here. It’s all about the community. And it takes pride in being environmentally conscious. From green businesses to green buildings and practices, this entity gets things done while being the best easy-goer. And we like our neighborhoods like we do our friends: responsible and serene. Take your dog to Alki Beach, where the coastal path offers a killer view of Puget Sound and the city’s skyline. What about parks? You choose – Lincoln Park, Me-Kwa-Mooks Park, or Schmitz Preserve Park – anywhere you look, it’s greenspace 360 degrees. Most eateries, shops, and even pubs are happy to find a table for you and your bestie.

Before you make your move

Moving to Seattle could be one of the best things that happened to you. But, before you make your move, especially if it’s long-distance, be sure to read multiple reviews when deciding on your moving company. It makes all the difference.


Are you thinking about moving to this suburban beauty? You should. This high-end neighborhood overhangs Puget Sound and offers an overall sense of tranquility. No exceptions. This is where the Discovery Park will introduce itself to you and your pup, and the rest will be history; they lived happily ever after. Meadows? Check. Beaches, trails, the view? Check. West Point Lighthouse? Yes, please. Mingle time in the Village? Why, yes. If you want to escape the buzzing streets of Seattle, this is your address. Crème de la crème, as the French would say. If you don’t have the time to explore the trails, head out to Magnolia Manor Park (off-leash) and let your pup run wild.

A man and a dog in nature.
If we’re talking about neighborhoods in Seattle popular among pet owners – Magnolia takes the throne.


Fremont? Ballard? Mm. The city of Seattle calls it Interbay-Ballard, but some like referring to it as Balmont. Nobody really knows what’s happening. The people of Seattle have spoken, and Frelard is final. All the same, this hybrid, peculiar neighborhood has been voted one of the best neighborhoods in the world. For you and your doggo. Whatever you’re up to, your dog woofs: Shotgun! From bars, yoga studios, and venues, this neighborhood’s hippie roots spread the love to all and everyone. Hit Woodland Park for a family/dog-friendly summer activity, the 90-acre greenspace of pure delight.

If you’re coming to Seattle

Do know, talking about neighborhoods in Seattle popular among pet owners is almost redundant. This city lives for the four-legged. Finding an area that frowns upon our pup tarts is mission impossible. It’s a doggo city, period.