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New Jersey towns for those who need some peace and quiet

We will be showing you some popular New Jersey towns for those who need (or simply enjoy) some peace and quiet like students. Living in an overcrowded and noisy environment is not very great if you are trying to focus on your studies. Distractions are something you want to avoid when studying. That’s why many students look for smaller more peaceful towns. They can also be very charming and beautiful. Smaller communities are great and not just for seniors and people with kids. They are perfect for students as well. For that reason, we checked them out and this is what we found for you.

Fairfield – once a perfect place for retierees and now for students

In case you haven’t heard about it Fairfield is a township in far northwestern Essex County. There are only about 7500 residents living there. This place was known to be perfect for seniors since it’s small, rural, and peaceful but every year younger and younger crew is coming to settle here. Affordable homes, nice and polite neighbors with moderate political views, and beautiful nature are just some of the reasons for this. This was once, a long time ago the Dutch community (back when Europeans settled in this land). Nowadays this place can be perfect for you to focus on your studies, but also one day not that far from now it might be a great place to raise a family.

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We will show you the best New Jersey towns for students here!

Friendly Fairfield movers can help you to settle in with no trouble and in no time! If you plan to relocate, make sure to call them to help you with unpacking and settling in.

One of the most charming New Jersey towns – Frenchtown

Actually, this is a borough in Hunterdon County. This place is known to be home to several street fairs and festivals, including Riverfest and Bastille Day. But, it’s mainly known for the art galleries, specialty shops, and amazing local restaurants. There is a community bookstore located in an 1860s Victorian home that is practically a tourist attraction. There are some big plans for this place. ArtYard is set to commence construction of its planned 16,000 -square-foot arts center in this place, so it might get noisy pretty soon but right now it’s very charming and peaceful. Also, this art center will attract many students in the future. This is definitely a place you should check out and do some research.

Parsippany-Troy Hills Township

This is a medium-sized town. It’s considered to be a wealthy place and is ranked the 5th best place to live in Morris County according to Niche Magazine. One thing that the younger crowd likes about this place is that it’s very diverse race-wise and year-wise. You have a nice and charming downtown with some upscale restaurants and cool coffee shops and yet most of the town is pretty peaceful and quiet. Parsippany is according to the FBI statistics a pretty safe place. If you, after detailed research on this place, decide to relocate here, you can turn to experts nearby to help you out with unpacking and settling in. They can do it quickly and you will be ready to start your new life here.

List of some great New Jersey towns that are nice and pieceful

There are many New Jersey towns that fit this description perfectly, but the problem is we cant talk about all of them now so we will show you a list of some great places you should definitely check out when doing your own research. Maybe one of them will become your new home very soon.

  1. Walpack Township
  2. Peapack-Gladstone
  3. Mahwah
  4. Sparta
  5. Belvidere
  6. Titusville
  7. Allenhurst
  8. Allentown
  9. Weehawken Township
  10. Ocean City

You can see here our top 10 pics after the towns we already mentioned above.

Choosing the town that is perfect for you

When the time comes to choose a new place you should first do research online. For your next step, the best would be to go and check out the cities that you liked the best. Research online is one thing but seeing them for yourself will give you another perspective. When it comes to prices there are websites you should check out like Zillow. You will be able to see current real estate available there with pictures and prices. That will give you great insight.

A young couple holding a welcome sign after moving to one of the popular New Jersey towns
Choosing a new place to relocate to is never easy.

When you choose from one of those New Jersey towns

After you are done with choosing the town your next step will be buying or renting a place. If you plan to buy a place the best way to do it would be to hire a real estate agent to help you out. They can usually acquire a good price. When it comes to relocation, the best way (also easiest and fastest) is to hire professional movers like Gibraltar Van Lines.

Hiring professional movers

Hiring professional movers is the easiest way to relocate. They can help with many aspects of relocation, not just the transportation. They can help from the very beginning with packing. Many people hire movers to help with packing especially when they need to do this task in a hurry. They can also deal with logistics, heavy lifting, and the most important of all is that movers can help you with unpacking. That way you can start your new life sooner. You can’t do anything while there are those ugly moving boxes lying around everywhere. You cant feel at home that way and that’s why it’s important to settle in as soon as possible.

A young couple packing for a move.
There are many advantages to hiring professional movers when the time comes to relocate. You can read all about it here of course.

Good luck

Hopefully, we pointed you in the right direction and you can start researching peaceful New Jersey towns on your own now. Maybe one of them is your new home. Good luck!