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How to pack belonging for winter storage

Have you ever wondered how to deal with those extra items in your house? Especially if you live in a modest home and need some extra space. This is why it is good to rent a storage unit and store the valuables you do not need for the particular season. This time we will guide you on how to pack belongings for winter storage. So by the time winter arrives, you’ll already finish up with the storage unit!

Clean and dry before you pack belongings for winter storage

Before you even begin to pack, you need to clean and dry out your items. It is very important to do it before because the water causes a lot of damage. Especially if you store them for a long time. For example, hoses, bottles, and even some fabrics can get damaged if they stay wet. Whether by mold or by frozen water. Always have this in mind before you look for storage. As for small items, after you clean them, pack them with materials that can let the air flow. Materials such as plastic, polythene is an insulator that will keep the water in. On the other hand, fabrics are good packing since they let the air flow. Use cotton, wool, old sweaters, or whatever you have in your home. Just be sure that there is no moisture trapped inside your items.

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Before you pack belonging for winter storage clean and dry them

Rent a storage unit with temperature control and AC unit 

A good storage unit will come with built-in AC unit and temp control. This is important to have during all the seasons. In the summer you need to let the fresh air flow and to get rid of the mold and moisture. Winters are more tricky since you can allow low temperatures to damage your property. It all depends on what kind of items you are about to put in. Before you pack belongings for winter storage, make sure they are not put directly on the ground. The floor itself is hard to heat up, and it can be very cold. This will only lead to possible damages and other issues you could have. This is an important issue you must address with the storage companies before you rent a unit. Before you begin your search for assistance for your office relocation, make sure to know what you need and what you are looking for.

Figure out what you are keeping

Once you gather the items you wish to pack for winter, make a decision. First things first, figure out what items you want to keep, and what to get rid of. Broken, cracked, torn or in any other way damaged beyond repair must go. You really do not want to hoard items you really do not need. If the items are a bit damaged, rusty or the paint is off, figure out are they worth being fixed. If you do not need them at all, you can always donate them or sell them. As you prioritize your items, you will most likely figure out what you do not need. There are a couple of ways you can get rid of unwanted items, such as:

  • Garage/yard sales! This is the best opportunity to even earn some money. You can use this money to get packing supplies or as one of the means of getting packing boxes.
  • Donate them to the charity. There are always people who can use that kind of help!
  • Give them as gifts to your friends!
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Figure out what items you really need

Take special care of your electronics

When you are about to pack belongings for winter storage, it is important to make sure your electronics are well packed.  These are very delicate and fragile items you need to pack. If you plan on using them again after the season, then keep the above the ground. The cold from the floor can cause faulty wiring. Make sure you leave something lying on the ground. For instance, you can ask for a storage unit that does have shelves. One good thing you can do for yourself and your belongings is to hire a moving crew. Let Wailea Movers Hawaii pack and prepare your items for the move. But have in mind, this kind of services cost more. They can also bring up their own packing materials if you do not know what kind of packing supplies to use.

wooden palettes

Use wooden palettes as a base where you can pile your belongings

Learn how to utilize the best of the storage unit

As with everything, you can not just randomly toss in the items you want to keep during the winter. Pack belongings for winter storage the best way you can! Figure out what items you will need first and put them in storage units accordingly. There are several tips and tricks on storage packing you can follow and make sure you used all the available space. Remember, sturdier boxes should be put at the base, so you can pile lighter ones on them. This will ensure stability in your storage unit and at the same time prevent anything bad from happening! This is very important when you deal with fragile items such as glass or electronics.

How to pack belongings for winter storage is a question we all sometimes ask ourselves. But, that question is not necessarily without an answer. Just follow up our guide and you will prepare your items for winter storage in no time. If you have any information to contribute to our guide, please feel free to leave feedback!