A Box To Pack Last On Moving Day

What to Pack Last on Moving Day

Moving to college is so exciting. When it comes to packing, most future students make mistakes and forget a lot of things. Having a guide to follow will help you avoid those common mistakes, and your college life will start perfectly. Packing process will last a couple of days, maybe even the entire week. But, what to leave for the end and pack last on moving day?

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Prepare for your college life. Packing is the first step to that, so do it right

It is called an essential box because you will pack there all the necessary items you will need on the moving day and a day after moving to college. Most freshmen want to pack when moving to college a lot of things. Keep in mind that dorm rooms are small and you will share a room with a roommate or two.

Pack last on moving day – guide

Packing for college is special because you need to take the most important items, not all of them. But, still, to have everything you need. If you already know your future roommate, you should together make a plan for what to bring. You can pack a coffee maker and your roommate, a toaster, for example. If you are moving abroad for college, preparations will be longer and more stressful. That is why the best solution is to hire professionals when moving overseas.

Some items should be left for the end. The most important items, you are using every day. To be sure you are not forgetting something, make a checklist.

a puzzle

Leave essentials for the end. It is like a puzzle, you should take step by step


Pack one essential box with clothing for a few days. Clothing that is appropriate for school, pajamas, and comfortable, casual clothing. It is easier to have all in one bag than to open everything just to find one t-shirt. Also, make one or two pairs of shoes. Do not forget clean linens and pillow.

Cleaning supplies

Dorm rooms will be clean before the students arrive, and your room will be too. But, if you want to clean it by yourself again (most students want) then pack unopened cleaning supplies. Cloths for cleaning wood and glass, wipes, spray, paper towels, etc.

Bathroom supplies

After a long moving day, you will need to take a shower and to relax. Pack a toothbrush, toothpaste, towels, shampoo, shower gel, soap, everything you are using every day. Also, do not forget to pack essentials to the first morning Hair products, make-up (if you are using it), deodorant and perfume.


What to pack last on moving day? Of course food, snacks, and water. But, do not pack perishable food. You will need food for a couple of days until you learn where the grocery stores are. For example, pack coffee, tea, water bottles, canned food, chocolate, juice, everything you love to eat.

School essentials

When you will start studying and when your classes will begin? Pack a couple of notebooks and pens, you will definitely need to take some notes. Even if your classes will not start immediately. Pack them last, so you will not lose time by searching for them.

Who will transport all your moving boxes to college?

You have packed all the boxes, and what next? Who will relocate them to your college town? A car is too small, you will probably need a van. That is the first problem. The second problem that may happen is that you will not have enough space in your dorm room for all items.

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Consider hiring professional movers and a storage unit. It is very helpful especially if you are moving far away for college

The best solution is to hire a company who can offer you moving and storage services. One of the companies is U. Santini Moving and Storage Brooklyn, but you should choose a company that suits you. Depending on where you are moving.

Additional tips for college move-in day

When you have packed your college essential bag, you should know what to do on a move-in day. It is so exciting, sad, happy, confused, all at the same time. The big day arrived, so what should you do? It is o.k. to ask for help. Your parents probably know what to do and how to manage your moving for college with ease. If it is easier for you, they can be there, to help you prepare.

  • Arrive in town where your college is, a day before. It is very helpful, especially if you are moving long-distance.
  • You can wipe down the dorm room before you unpack your boxes. Pack last on moving day cleaning products such as paper towel, wipes, spray, etc.
  • Be in the campus early.
  • Wear casual and appropriate clothing. Keep in mind that you will be carrying boxes, unpacking, cleaning, so be in your comfortable clothing.
  • Make friends and be open. Start a conversation with the people around you.
Graduation after college

Adjusting and moving may be hard, but it is worth it. Work on your career and education

Now when you have a list of all the items you should pack last on moving day, you should feel more relaxed. Get up early and make sure you finished everything. College life is a totally new experience and a couple of first days will be a little bit hard. When you make friends and establish some routine, adjusting to college will be easier.