The Best Housing Options For Students

Places in Maryland with the best housing options for students

Being a student isn’t an easy thing to do at all. You need to both study and work at the same time to be able to afford to live away from your parents. This can be altogether a bit overwhelming which is why we always advise students to move to affordable cities across the country. And since there are plenty of students in Maryland which is considered to be one of the more expensive states to live in, we decided to write this helpful article on the cities in Maryland with the best housing options for students. This will come in handy to both students already living in Maryland and the ones who are yet to relocate to Maryland for their studies. So, if affordable and good housing is what you are after, find out here where you will be able to find it in Maryland.

Maryland is an amazing state for a lot of reasons. Not only are some of the best universities and colleges located here but so are some of the best small towns in the country. People of all ages move to Maryland. Among them, there are a lot of young people. Among those young people there are both students and young people who want to start a family. Living in a small Maryland town is the perfect setup for starting a family if you ask us. So, if you decide to stay in Maryland after college, you’ll be living in a perfect place for the next step in your life.

Maryland is a state with the best housing options for students as it has dozens of college towns.


The first city with the best housing options for students would surely be Columbia. Columbia is a college town and a lot of students live here. This is why this is one of the best places for renting a home. A lot of people who ret out homes in Columbia know that the people renting are students and that they don’t really have a lot of money. This is why landlords lowered their prices. Especially last year during the Covid pandemic. And now, for just around $1,500 a month, you will be able to live in a very nice home in Columbia. This is amazing if this is going to be your first time living alone.

There are plenty of homes for rent here but we advise you to start searching for a home as soon as you know you will be moving to Columbia. This is a college town after all and a lot of people will be moving to Columbia over the summer. If you don’t manage to find an apartment on time, you might be left without one. Or with one you can’t really afford, as all the more affordable apartments have been rented out already.

But not to worry, even if you do end up in such a situation, you can always stay on the lookout for a new home to rent. You will manage to find one at some point and organize a local relocation. Don’t you worry – professionals can help you settle in and move your belongings safely.

Columbia is a very lovely college town.


The second city we want you to consider moving to would be Towson. Towson is an even more affordable city than Columbia is when it comes to renting. The average rent price in Towson is around $1,200 a month. This is a very small price to pay for a home. And you also have to consider the fact that the homes in Towson are amazing. They are mostly new because this is a town that is yet to evolve into a much bigger town.

Towson is a perfect mix between suburban and urban. There are plenty of places for you to spend your free time in Towson which is another reason why moving here would be a good idea. There are plenty of local shops here as well as restaurants with affordable pricing. A lot of people move here for college so you can consider this to be a college town as well. In fact, this is one of the best college towns in the country. This is exactly why there are so many things to be done here. The fact that it is a college town makes it also a very safe town to live in. And this is what attracts the elderly here as well.

If planning on renting a home here you have to realize that this market becomes very busy over the summer. This is why you have to constantly keep checking the listings. You can always hire affordable and reliable help for the task of moving from one home to another in Towson as well so even if you end up not liking your first apartment, you can easily make a change.

Towson is one of the best college cities in the country.


One of the biggest cities in the state is also a place with the best housing options for students. Baltimore is an amazing city and it is where a lot of students are moving to. There are a couple of amazing colleges here such as The Community College of Baltimore County and The University of Maryland-Baltimore County. These are some of the best colleges in Maryland.

This isn’t an overly safe place to live in but it is very affordable and there are a couple of neighborhoods for you to avoid if looking for a safe environment. Rent here is very affordable. For an apartment in the city, you would have to pay around $1,200 a month. This isn’t a big price to pay for a home at all. Especially when you take into consideration what kind of a city Baltimore is.

This is mostly an urban city. There are plenty of things for you to do in Baltimore. There are plenty of clubs and bars here. There are malls here as well where you can have an amazing shopping experience. There are plenty of parks here where you will love spending your free time when the weather is nice. Baltimore is a place where you will find it all which is why a lot of families move here. This is a city with more than half-million residents and it is only going to keep on growing as more and more people are moving to Baltimore as time is passing. This is why you should start searching for your new Baltimore home as soon as you can.