An Image Of Cardboard Boxes, Plastic Bins Vs Cardboard Boxes Which Is Better

Plastic bins vs cardboard boxes: the ultimate guide

It does not matter where you are moving in, into a big house or a tiny apartment moving supplies is what keeps your belongings from getting smashed during transpiration. The most important moving supplies are boxes and bins. There are plastic bins and cardboard boxes. To help you decide which one to choose, we have the ultimate guide on plastic bins vs cardboard boxes.

Plastic bins vs cardboard boxes – Which one is cheaper?

Moving on a budget and not quite sure which option to choose, we have an answer for you. When it comes to which one will set you back more, it will be the plastic bins. Plastic bins are more expensive because they are hard to build. However, if you are going to reuse your plastic bins then they are a great option. By reusing plastic bins, you will save money in the long run. Cardboard boxes are an option when you don’t want to spend a ton of money on moving supplies. For example, if you are a student packing for college, cardboard boxes are the option for you.

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The cardboard boxes are cheaper but not as strong


When it comes to moving boxes and bins, durability is crucial. Plastic bins are sturdier than cardboard boxes and can take a beating. So if you can not decide on plastic bins or cardboard boxes, just think about what items you are moving. Don’t buy only plastic bins or only cardboard boxes. But depending on if the things are breakable or not, make the right choice. For family memorabilia and fragile things, get plastic bins and for stronger items, cardboard boxes will do just fine. In addition, plastic bins will protect your belongings from weather damage.

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Plastic bins vs cardboard boxes when it comes to durability chose the bins

Plastic bins vs Cardboard boxes- Which one is better for storage?

You don’t have room in your place, and to maximize space, you have decided to store some of your belongings. However, you can’t decide which to use plastic bins or cardboard boxes both have cons and pros:

  • In the battle of plastic bins vs cardboard boxes, boxes win out if you are storing your stuff somewhere where they can not be damaged. So if you have a indoor climate control storage, cardboard boxes are for you. They are cheaper and will keep your stuff safe in indoor storage.
  • Plastic bins are great if you can’t afford a safe storage option. They are sturdy and won’t bow down to any weather conditions.
  • When it comes to storing plastic bins and cardboard boxes, cardboard boxes win because you can fold them. If you are not using plastic bins for something, they are a vast of space.

The bottom line is, choose plastic bins if you can get a better storage option because it will be cheaper. Go for cardboard boxes if you already have safe storage.


When it comes to plastic bins vs cardboard boxes, the winner isn’t clear. They both have their benefits. It’s better to get them both, depending on what you need.