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Practical eco-friendly guide to packing your books for a move

Starting college and moving away from your home and away from your family is never an easy thing. Many changes will happen in this period of your life and you will have many new experiences. Well, the first new experience that you will come upon is moving. Yes, it includes so many things. One of them is packing your books for the move. Here, you will find some tips that are also eco-friendly and that will hopefully be useful to you.

Reuse your cardboard boxes when packing your books for a move to college

The first eco-friendly tip for moving the books is reusing the boxes that you already have in your home for packing. Surely, there are some cardboard boxes in your basement or attic that you can still use. This step is great not only for your surroundings but also for your budget. It will definitely save you some pocket money or savings from your part-time job that you can use for your college life.

Do not use bubble pack when packing your books for a move

Secondly, you should avoid using bubble pack when packing for your college move. In order to protect your sensitive items, like some old and precious books from damage, you can use old towels and sheets. Wrap them carefully and put them in a box gently. Moreover, avoid putting paper in free spaces. Instead, you can use some old clothing that you have. Surely, that will be pretty useful.

Old books on a shelf.
If you have some very old books that have sensitive covers, use towels instead of bubble wrap to protect them.

Pack your books in smaller boxes

Thirdly, you should use smaller boxes when packing your books. That will mean a lot to you when carrying them to your dorm or apartment. If you pack them all in one big box, it will be too heavy for you to carry. Also, it can be pretty dangerous for you can get hurt. And, surely, you want to avoid having back pain.

See if there are some books that you do not need to take with you

Hopefully, you do not plan to bring all of the books that you own to your college dorm. So, you can see which ones you do not need at all anymore. Maybe there are some children’s books that you can donate to a local orphanage or a library that you are often visiting. If you decide to do some of these things, that will definitely help a lot of kids and you will do a good deed for your community.

A book shelf probably similar to the one you have at home before packing your books for a move.
Donate the books that you no longer need and reuse cardboard boxes when packing the ones you want to take with you.

Consider hiring eco-friendly movers for your relocation

Finally, when hiring a professional moving company to help you with your college relocation, you should think of finding movers who are eco-friendly. Those are all the companies that use reusable packing supplies and a certain kind of fuel for their vehicles that is not so harmful to nature. Remember, be considerate of the world around you is extremely important.