A Person With A Suitcase Moving Out Of Seattle

Reasons for moving out of Seattle

You have been living in Seattle for some time now but recently you feel like your current location is not fully cutting it. There are many reasons why you should be moving out of Seattle. Are you one of those people that makes a pros and cons list before making a big decision? Well, if you are we have quite a few cons to share with you. After you read our reasons, you will see that moving out of Seattle is a no brainer. Keep on reading to see why.

Main reasons why you should be moving out of Seattle

In reality, leaving Seattle and moving to another city is a big step. However, once you make the leap and you have settled into your new place you will see the difference. Let’s not delay any further the reasons that support your move.

Marijuana is all over the place

Seattle used to be a city made up of many wholesome communities. Since the legalization of marijuana in the state of Washington, this has drastically changed. If you aren’t a strong-willed person, it might be hard for you to resist the temptation. After all, we all know that marijuana is one of the drags that can open the door to other stronger and more harmful narcotics. Hence, if you fall easily to temptation it might be time to plan your eco-friendly move to somewhere where there are fewer temptations.

Nature might not be as wonderful as you would think

It is all fun and games being outdoors until you run into a bunch of bloodthirsty mosquitos. Do you think that is bad? Well, that is nothing until you catch a bear going through your stash of food that you prepared for your camping trip. Don’t think that you will be able to avoid such situations. Sooner or later you will be befriended by a bunch of nature enthusiasts. Consequently, you will except to go on one of their nature adventures. We will not be glad to tell you we told you so. However, it is likely that is will happen. Living in such close proximity to bears is a reason enough for moving out of Seattle.

Brown bear

They are very cute until you actually run into one in person.

While living in Seattle don’t expect to be a fashionista

Seattle is not like New York City, Miami, or any other city where people walk down the street in the latest runway trends. Also, the weather doesn’t help at all. How can you be fashion forward with all the rain and clouds in the sky? If you still try to be a fashionista, that is fine. Yet, very soon you will feel out of place because very often you will feel overdressed. So, if you aren’t ready to shelter your inner fashionista it might be the time for moving out of Seattle. It is easy to see the appeal of Miami or similar cities where walking down the street in the latest Dolce and Gabbana outfit is perfectly normal.

You will be sick of kale before you know it

In the Pacific Northwest kale is being grown 12 months a year. It is put in many recipes in all restaurants in the Seattle area. Even if you are a fan, you will get sick of it sooner or later. Having a kale salad here and there might be great when getting ready for bikini season. Yet, you hardly want to have it every single day.

Fresh kale

Nobody likes kale that much to eat it every single day.

Rent prices are through the roof

Every year Seattle is ranked top 10 cities with the highest values in rental properties. Therefore, you might not be enjoying salmon and crabs every night for dinner as you thought you would. Instead, you might be serving Raman noodles on a regular basis. Paying a lot for rent is fine if you live in a place that has much more to offer. So, since this is not the Upper East Side in New York City or Orange County in Los Angeles, there is no reason to cripple your bank account. Start packing and find a great new place in a different city. Make a packing strategy, think about what you will pack last, and get ready to enjoy your new surroundings. Far away from Seattle.

Do you have extra time for traffic jams?

If you aren’t a person that drives and swears during your commute, you will become one in no time. There is no other way to survive traffic jams in Seattle. Your frustration must come out somewhere. Very soon your commute to work will be your favorite time for contemplating where to move. Living in Seattle would very soon become just a memory.

Have you said goodbye to the pleasant weather and the sun?

It is very true that there are cities that experience more rain annually then Seattle. For instance, New York is one of them. Nevertheless, the rain is not the only mood killer in this city. The clouds lingering over this city are relentless. They literally almost never go away. Sometimes weeks will pass without a ray of sunshine in sight. Now that is what we call depressing.

Lady with sunglasses

If you have forgotten how the sunshine looks like, moving out of Seattle is a must.

It is time to hire professional movers

After what you just read and experienced on your own you will know it is time to bounce. It is depressing enough that you lived in Seattle for this long. You don’t need planning a move to drag you down even more. Hire professional movers to pack you and relocate you to your new home. It is important to hire professional movers that are trustworthy and highly recommended. If you still haven’t covered this part, call the experienced crew from Hansen Bros. Moving & Storage Seattle. They will be a huge help during your moving process.

So, how is that pros and cons list going? Have our cons help you realize that moving out of Seattle is actually a great idea. It is time to live somewhere where you can soak in some vitamin D daily and where you can eat a salad without kale. Happy moving!