A Pile Of Cash That You Could Save By Thinking Smart About The Relocation Estimate Factors

Relocation estimate factors

Organizing your relocation is a demanding and complicated process. It requires detailed planning and a lot of time. To make the transition easy and smooth, many people opt for an affordable moving company. They pay professionals to do the planning for them, pack their stuff and complete the relocation as quickly as possible. While this is a smart and productive idea, it costs money. If you are a first-time mover, you have to know what you are getting into. For example, the first step after hiring a moving company is to get a moving estimate. An agent will come and inspect your house, forming the price for your move. Many relocation estimate factors can sky-rocket the cost of your move.

If you are a student moving for college, you will need all the money you got. With this in mind, let’s look at how can you save your wallet from drowning when relocating with a professional moving company.

Driveway in front of the house

Make sure that the driveway in front of your house is cleared so the truck can come as close as possible

How to get a moving estimate

Before we dive deep into the topic of relocation estimate factors, let’s look at how to get a moving estimate. While you can have an agent come to your door and inspect the house, you can also get a free moving estimate online. To illustrate how this works, you can take photos or even record videos of your living space and send it to the company of your choosing. Furthermore, they require a list of all items for the relocation. Once they have everything ready, they can form the price.

However, many other relocation estimate factors can affect the price. Let’s dive deeper into this topic to find out more.

Relocation estimate factors

Most common relocation estimate factors are:

  • the size of your house
  • access to the pick-up and drop-off locations
  • packing and unpacking services
  • storage fees
  • date of the relocation
  • moving insurance
  • requested services

It may look like a lot to take in one reading that you might think about moving on your own. But, these are all basics of any relocation contract. So have no fear, I will explain everything in details, step by step.

The size of the house

It is sort of a given, but if your place is large, your price will be higher. Relocation companies measure your home in rooms they need to move. Consequently, the more stuff you have, the more you will pay. However, make sure that you cover everything with your agent. You might have an empty room or basement storage that you use. If you are worried if your moving estimate will be correct, have an agent walk with you through everything point by point. This way you will be sure that your relocation estimate is accurate.

Also, know that if your house has stairs or narrow hallways, it will raise the moving estimate.

Staircase in a house

If your movers have to carry boxes down the stairs, it will cost more

Access to the pick-up and drop-off locations

When the moving company comes to pick your stuff up, they have to come closer with their truck. If your home is not accessible, they will have to carry boxes out. The same goes when they drop off your belongings at your new place. If the driveway is not approachable, it will raise the price if they have to carry boxes inside. With this in mind, make sure that they have a clear path to load your belongings. If your house is built that way, there is not much that you can do. However, there are some relocation estimate factors that you can avoid.

Packing and unpacking services

All companies offer packing and unpacking services. Many people struggle with packing and unpacking. It takes a lot of time and effort to pack all your possessions properly. Besides, if you have some valuables or bulky items like furniture, it is not that easy to pack them. Here is where professional packers step in. They will pack and unpack your stuff in no time. However, this is precisely one of the relocation estimate factors that pumps up your price.

If you think you are paying too much money, try to pack on your own. You will save a lot.

storage warehouse

Storage units are convenient, but they raise the price of your move

Storage fees

There are many situations where you need to use storage units. For example, you might need to leave the house sooner than your relocation is. Or, you wish to ship some stuff before the relocation. In these cases, you will need a place to store your stuff. Moving companies offer their storage units. Still, check the price before you rent one. It may cost more than you are willing to pay.

Date of the relocation

If you wish to save money when relocating, avoid moving during the summer. It is the peak of the moving season, and all companies charge more at this part of the year. Instead, move offseason. This might be difficult if you are moving to college since you cannot pick the time.

Nevertheless, if possible, best is to plan your relocation from September to May. Another thing to avoid is National Holidays and the first and last day of the month. Rental agreements expire at these times, which results in more people moving.

calculator spelling insurance

Moving insurance can bump the price up, so make sure that you inspect every detail

Moving insurance

One of the relocation estimate factors that may affect the price of your move is moving insurance. Every moving company has a free liability coverage that is 60 cents per pound per item. However, you might have valuable things that you wish to protect adequately. You can always ask for full value protection, but know that this will cost more.

Requested services

One of the main relocation estimate factors that affect the cost of the move is the service you require. We talked before about packing and unpacking, but there are many others, like crating, split-up delivery, exclusive vehicles or disassembly of your furniture. Even loading and unloading of your stuff will change the price. With that in mind, do as much as you can on your own.

Still, sometimes there are circumstances beyond your control that will make you use a service out of necessity. For example, never risk a back injury trying to move the couch yourself. In cases like these, it pays off to pay a professional to do it for you.

Customize your moving fee with ease

I hope that you now understand what the relocation estimate factors that can seriously affect your budget are. Organize your move and plan everything to the smallest detail. Every penny counts. This will not only help you with your transition, but you will learn a valuable lesson that will help you in your life!