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Seattle off-campus living: a complete guide

Moving to college is one of the most exciting things in life. College life will be the best period in your life. You will get a higher education, meet new people, have fun with friends and if you have never lived alone before, this is a way to grow as a person and to be more responsible. Cooking, washing the clothes, grocery shopping, managing the budget – that will all be on you. If you are going to study in Emerald City and try Seattle off-campus living, then you probably need a guide.

Pros of off-campus living in Seattle

There are both, pros and cons of moving off-campus but you should first explore why people choose this type of housing when studying. Some of the benefits are:

  • Off-campus living is sometimes cheaper from university housing.
  • You will have more privacy, freedom, indepence, and more space for yourself. College dorm rooms are small and you will share a small room with another person.
  • Private apartments are usually quieter which is better for stuying. Keep in mind that parties are often in college dorms therefore studying is harder.
  • After college, it will be easer for you to find another rental, because you already have a history with that.
  • No shared bathrooms.
  • You can cook the food you like when you like it.
College library.
On-campus living is a good experience, but some students prefer living outside of campus

How to move to Seattle?

For a successful college relocation and Seattle off-campus living, good preparation is the key which means you need to prepare moving supplies first. Such as moving boxes, air bubble foil, and packing peanuts. Because you will live off-campus, you will have more space. This means you can pack and move more items.

Storage unit can come in handy

A lot of students, in lack of space, rent a storage unit together in Seattle. This way, all the items are in a safe place and at the same time, it is cheaper when you split the costs. A storage unit can be found on with ease and you can put all the items there.

renting an apartment for off-campus living
Rent an apartment for Seattle off-campus living and know how to transport all your items there

How to find off-campus home in Seattle?

When the time comes to move into your first college apartment, you need to know how to choose your new home.

  • Your univesrity in Seattle maybe can recommend off-campus housing. Set your budget and they may provide you with a list of reliable rental options near the campus.
  • Contact other students tghat are interested in off-campus living and share a flat with them. That can help you with your budget and it is sometimes easier to live with someone, rather than being alone.
  • Hire a local real estate agent in Seattle.
  • Research landlord’s reputation before signing a lease.
  • Take an older family member with you when looking for an apartment in Seattle.

If you don’t have any experience with this, don’t worry. A guide on Seattle off-campus living will help you, but also, you can ask your parents for advice.