Seniors Enjoying A Morning Cup Of Coffee And Talking About Senior-friendly Places In California

Senior-friendly places in California, 2022 guide

There are plenty of senior-friendly places in California. This is not just a hippie state for young free spirits and IT guys. Those are just TV shows. California is actually a very nice sunny state with the most amazing beaches that everyone can enjoy. This can be a perfect place to relax and enjoy your retirement. The only downside to this state is the prices. It can be a bit expensive. Luckily some don’t mind that at all. Now, let’s see which places/cities can be a perfect choice for seniors now in 2022. We will also show you who can help you get to your chosen destination once you pick a place.

Senior-friendly places in California you should research

  1. Santa Rosa
  2. Dimaond bar
  3. Burbank
  4. San Diego
  5. Vallejo

We took various factors into consideration and after careful research, these were our top pics for seniors. In case you are only curious about retirement homes/villages we will also give you a list of the best ones in California. Some seniors prefer this kind of living arrangement and that’s ok. It’s easier and it can be nice. If you don’t want to sell your old home, you can just sublet it and use that money towards your retirement home.

A senior couple enjoying wine next to a fireplace.
Check these places out and later tonight you can talk over a glass of wine about them.

Santa Rosa

This city will be on everyone’s list of top 100 places to live in the USA. Santa Rosa is globally known for its wine and wine lovers enjoy visiting this city. Just imagine having one of the best wineries and vineyards right there in your backyard or bear it. Add to that nice weather and you have a perfect place to enjoy your retirement. Since some people do not enjoy living right there on the ocean this can be a great pick since Santa Rosa is about half an hour’s drive away from the ocean. That means you can easily drive there and enjoy your day near the water but you won’t have salt to deal with in your home.

Diamond Bar

Diamond over a bar. That’s how this city got its name. This city is one of the best cities for seniors and we recommend you research it first. You will get a sparse suburban feel here which most seniors enjoy. City hassle is for young professionals, now it’s your time to relax – you worked hard for it. You will have plenty of coffee shops and parks where you can relax. If after research you realize that this city is perfect for you, quickly find assistance nearby to help you to relocate and settle in so you can start your new relaxing way of life soon.

Burbank – another one of the amazing senior-friendy places in California

This is a very nice and safe place. Burbank has one of the lowest crime rates in the nation which is a very important factor when choosing a place to live. You probably know about this city since this place is known for Universal Studios and other entertainment studios. You will get an urban-suburban mix feeling here. This is a perfect place for hip seniors who like to be entertained and have plenty of great coffee shops and restaurants nearby. When it comes to moving here the best choice is to turn to certified people to help you out. There is no need to do everything on your own.

San Diego

This is a very famous place and chances are you already know all about it. Even though it’s a big city it’s still on our list of senior-friendly places in California because many seniors choose it to be their new home. There are various reasons for this decision but we believe that this is the friendliest place in the whole of California and that just might be the reason why seniors love it here. Amazing beaches are another perk of living in San Diego. When it comes to real estate prices, San Diego is much cheaper than Los Angeles. That’s, why many people in San Diego own their homes. In Los Angeles renting is a better option.

San Diego beach
San Diego is a great choice if you want to live near the beach.

Vallejo – the last one on our list of senior-friendly places in California

Last but not least – Vallejo – the first permanent home of California’s state government. This place scored poorly when we looked at places for raising kids but scored great when we looked for senior-friendly places in California. It wasn’t so great for the kids and young families because of the schools and such but that is not something you will care about a lot. Young families should consider Washington DC rather than Vallejo or San Diego if they want to stay in California. But let’s get back to seniors – make sure to research this city as well. Some of the best senior retirement homes are here.

The best retirement homes in California

  • Claremont Manor Retirement Community in Claremont
  • Carlsbad By The Sea Retirement Community in Carlsbad
  • Sunny View Retirement Community in Cupertino
  • Kingsley Manor in Los Angeles
  • Villa Gardens Los Angeles Continuing Care Retirement Community in Pasadena
  • Royal Bellingham Luxury Retire in North Hollywood
  • Laguna Woods Village in Lagoona Woods
  • Cortona Park in Brentwood

Those are just top-rated ones, there are plenty more to choose from we just gave you a start. Make sure to research them all and maybe one of these will be your new home. Moving can be a challenge but luckily you can always call Good Neighbors Moving Company to help you out.

A senior couple
Retirement homes are sometimes the best solution.

Good luck!

Choosing a new place to live will not be easy since all of these places we showed you are amazing. So, start researching them right now and surely you will pick the best one for you. Good luck and remember this is your time to relax and enjoy – use it wisely and call experts to help you out when the time to relocate comes. If you are having a hard time choosing try making pro and con lists. Sometimes seeing everything written down can help you to choose.