Coordinate With Your Roommate

Shared dorm room items to coordinate with your roommate

Living in a dorm room with a roommate is a lot of young people’s dream. Being a student is as fun as it is stressful which is why having someone to live with while in university or college is the best thing to do. It just makes things easier and even more fun. To make living with a roommate more pleasant, especially if you two get along well, you can have some shared dorm room items to coordinate with your roommate. There are plenty of things to consider. Doing this will make your dorm room look more put together. And this means that you will have a much better time living in a dorm with a roommate. So, here are some of our ideas for dorm room items to coordinate with your roommate.

Bed details

Let’s start with what takes up the most space in a dorm room – the beds. They are single beds but dorm rooms are very small and the bed is the one thing that attracts the most attention when you walk into the room. We suggest you coordinate with your roommate your bedsheets. Bedsheets are just a small detail but they make such a huge change in a room. You can also have matching throw pillows on your beds. This makes it look even more put together.

Person sleeping in sheets that are shared dorm room items.
Coordinate your bedsheets and pillows.

Adding some fun-colored covers is also a great idea. You can both have fluffy blankets over your bed as shared dorm room items or just regular blankets whose colors match nicely. A lot of roommates seem to be doing this in order to make the room look better.

Wall decor

You can surely decorate your dorm room walls. You just can’t make any holes or dents on the wall. This is the only rule to follow. Luckily, sticky hooks exist and you are allowed to use them. You can stick them onto your walls and hang any decorative pieces you want. Motivational posters are the best things to have in a dorm room. This is something you can DIY.

Putting up pictures.
You can always just tape posters or pictures on the walls.


As students, you will be spending a lot of your time studying and doing school work. And where else would you be doing this if not at your desk? To make studying more enjoyable and easier, you should surely invest some energy into making your desk a nice, workable place. And there are plenty of things you can coordinate with your roommate. One of them is a plant. You can both buy a plant to take care of. There are plenty of plants you can have in a dorm room. Nobody will give you trouble about it.

You can have matching pen holders. Buy the same lamp, this will also do a great job of putting the room together. You can both add stickers to your desk. Make sure the colors match in order to make shared dorm room items look even better.