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Should you help your movers

Moving day is getting closer and closer. You hired a moving company, so what is the next step? What should you do on a moving day when they arrive at your home? Should you help your movers or maybe not? What is your job on a moving day? Be fully prepared, and don’t let anything surprise you. If you are moving for the first time (you probably do if you are moving for college), you may get confused, exciting, sad, happy, everything at the same time. It is easy to get overwhelmed, but with these tips, you will have everything in control.

Should you help your movers?

Yes! You should. Why? 

First of all, they will do most of the work, and all the hard work is up to them. But, by doing some small tasks, you will help them a lot. They will be grateful and you will finish everything faster. It is especially important if you are moving on short notice. If you need to move into your first apartment after college fast, then each person is important.

A man lifting a heavy moving box.

Should you help your movers? Keep in mind that it is too dangerous and hard for you to lift heavy items. 

How to help your movers?

Now when you know that you should help them, the next question is, how to help them? What you can do and what you should not touch? Always keep in mind that a professional moving company is experienced, and the workers know what they are doing. So, don’t involve too much. Their job is to lift and load all your moving boxes and furniture into a moving vehicle, and that is something you should not do. Also, if you hired a company to pack your items, let them pack all the heavy items and to unpack after moving for college. But, here is something you can.

Help your movers by letting them work in peace,

Professional movers will do everything more efficiently and faster than you will. Your job is to pay attention to details and not to forget anything

Clear the way

Before your movers come to your home to take and transport all your household items, you should clear the way. In front of your home and inside your home too. Especially clean pathways in your yard if it is snowy or rainy. It can be very dangerous, someone can fall and get serious injuries. Working in an unwelcoming workplace is not safe and nice.

Finish packing before moving day

When the movers come, your packing should be finished. It is a waste of time if they need to wait until you pack moving boxes. That is why you should start ASAP by finding the right kind of moving supplies and packing your home. Don’t leave anything on your walls, such as photos, mirrors, etc.

Also, declutter before you pack and don’t bring everything with you. This way your relocation will be cheaper. You probably have items you don’t use anymore, so why would you pack them.

Label all the boxes

This step is helpful for you and your movers too. How?

  1. If you packed fragile items and you labeled a moving box, your items won’t be damaged or broken. And when the time for unpacking comes, you will know which box to unpack first, without opening.
  2. You will help your movers by labeling because they will carry boxes with fragile items with more attention, and put them on top of other boxes.

Make room for items you won’t move

Make space for items that you will not move to your new home. Movers do not know what will you move, so they could load those items into a moving vehicle too. So, they will lose time and energy. It is easier to have all these items in one corner or a room.

Move valuables by yourself

Documents, jewelry, cash, medications, etc you should carry with you during the moving day. These items are the only headache for your movers, so help your movers by keeping valuables near you. And don’t pack these items last when moving, because you may forget something. The last box that you will pack should be an essential box.

Let them do their job

The biggest help for your movers is not to involve too much in a moving process on a moving day and to be boring and to disturb. They know what they are doing, it is their job, so you will just bother them. You hired them to help you. They are experienced, so anyone should do their own job. Good organization is the key. Especially if you are moving with kids or pets, your job will be to keep them safe.

Prepare fresh drinks

It would be nice to prepare drinks for your movers. It is not mandatory, but it will help them a lot. If it is cold, prepare hot tea, or hot coffee. If it is summer and hot, prepare ice tea for example. They will appreciate it, for sure.

Tip your movers

Should you tip your movers? Yes, you should and this will show that you care. So, make sure you have cash on a moving day. This way, they will put more attention when transporting your items. Being nice is worth it.

Moving dolly with 2 moving boxes on top.

Movers have their own moving equipment for moving. Let them do all the hard work, it is their job


In conclusion, when you summarize everything, you should help your movers with some small tasks. Sometimes is really helpful if you prepare cold drinks for movers on a hot moving day. It is also a help. Most students are moving during the summer when it is very hot. Good luck with your relocation!