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Should you hire college movers for your next relocation?

Finally, high school is over, and it is time to start your new life journey. College life is right around the corner. In a blink of an eye, it will be time for moving day and you will be officially leaving the nest. In no time a question will arise. Should you hire college movers to handle your move? No matter if you are moving into a dorm or if you have off-campus housing, this move will be stressful and unnerving, just like any other. You might want to consider hiring helpers that are experienced in the field of moving and know exactly what needs to be done. Here are some of the main advantages of hiring professional college movers.

You will have no time to spare

College movers have many different services that they provide. Of course, all of them are designed to make your life and your move easier. For instance, they can cover your packing, gathering of packing supplies, loading your boxes, unloading your boxes, transport, unpacking, etc. If you don’t have much experience with moving, which most college students do not, you are very likely to forget something very important for your move. This will not happen to a trained professional.

All services that we mentioned take up a lot of your time and that is something you do not have a lot off. You have to attend orientation, buy books, reach out to professors, meet your roommate and many other important things. Professional movers will save you time so, you can focus on other important things. That is why hiring professional movers is the best student moving hack that you can have up your sleeve.

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Hire college movers and let them bring their own packing supplies for your move. Instead of shopping for packing materials you can go book shopping.

Hire college movers and skip shopping for moving supplies

Buying appropriate moving supplies is much harder then it seems. Beforehand you must know which materials, you need. Do you need bubble wrap? Will you need wrapping paper? How will you make the decision cardboard boxes vs. plastic boxes? Not only will you need to research what you need, but you will also need to go shopping. Hire college movers and they will bring packing supplies to your home, pack your things and transport them to your school. You can use that shopping time to get room decorations, new sheets and everything else that is a must in a college room.

Skip potential injuries

Not many people think about this in advance. They are only aware of getting hurt during moving when the injury already happened. Getting hurt on moving day is certainly a memorable way to start your college adventure. Yet, not in a very good one. You want to avoid it at all cause. College movers have the experience and technique to move things around in a timely manner without getting hurt. Therefore, not only will you spare yourself the physical stress, but they will also do everything in a super-fast manner. Using all the help you need when moving to college is the smartest decision you can make. Professional movers will be the biggest help of all.

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Grab a cup of coffee with your new roommate while your movers move you in. It will be time well spent.

Avoid the madness of moving into the dorms on your own

When moving day comes around for college students, it is a moving day for many. Not just you. Areas around the dorms and other off-campus housing are always overcrowded. Parking spaces are usually taken, and the elevators are invaded on all floors. Oh, let’s not even mention if you have to carry some things up the stairs. This entire process takes a bunch of time and energy. Hire college movers to move you in and unpack your things. Not only will they do everything faster than you, but they will give you that spare time to use for other things. You can help your new roommate move in and start bonding right away.

The rear occasion when you don’t need to hire college movers

How hard your college move will be depending on the amount of stuff that you ill bring to your new college home. If you are bringing two bags you certainly do not need professional movers to facilitate your move. In any other scenario where you are moving a TV, furniture or anything else that is large and heavy, it would be wise not to avoid hiring professionals.

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How many bags did you pack when you moved to college?

How to find the best possible movers for your move?

When hiring professional college movers use the process as if you were hiring any other movers. Take your time. Do not jump the gun. The first offer will most likely not be the best offer that you will get. Contact multiple college movers and ask for estimates. Once you gather all the estimates compare them.  This way you will make the best possible choice for your move. Don’t let the price guide you. Certainly, it is very important how much you will pay, but sometimes it is even more important what is included in that price. If you still haven’t found adequate movers visit

Spend time with your family and friends

We already determined why you should hire college movers. Only once your move is over, you will truly appreciate and understand how much they have helped you. So, they will take care of everything for you and you will have a lot of spare time. Use that time to be with your family and friends. Once you are off to school you will not have much time to see them and talk to them. Homesickness is real, and it will hit you at some point. Therefore, use college to make new and exciting memories, but don’t neglect everybody that is waiting for you at home.