A Nice And Tidy Dorm Room Once You Find Appropriate Storgae Solutions For Your Dorm Room.

Simple storage solutions for your dorm room

Making the best of your dorm room can be quite a challenge. It can be small, cramped, and worst of all you may have to share it with a roommate. So, how do you organize your dorm room? How to get comfortable in a small space? Is there a way of organizing your small space to make up for the lack of storage? Luckily there are creative ideas to help solve these problems. Simple storage solutions can make your dorm room livable, functional, and spacious.

Dorm room

Well, your college living space can be pretty uninspiring. It is small, without personality. It is characterized by a lack of space and storage. So, how to be comfortable with it? How to survive your move into a dorm? Good planning is crucial and a bit of inspiration can turn it into a great study/ living/ lounge room that you can enjoy. But most of all, that you can get your stuff in an organized and practical way!

A modern dorm room
Your dorm room may be small but with good organization and storage hacks it can serve it purpose and be cozy

So, the lack of space for your belongings makes storage solutions essential and necessary. You must also display some creativity to make your dorm feel homier. Try to utilize not only vertical but also horizontal space to organize your desk and living area. So, consider:

  • Vertical shelving and other storage
  • Under the bed storage
  • Multipurpose furniture

Vertical accessories – one of the storage solutions for your dorm room

When thinking of storage in a small space you have to consider every inch of it even vertically. There is a number of ways to maximize your work and living space. Keep your desk clean by utilizing the wall space. Use a cork-board for important notes and papers to be in eyesight. Also use hanging caddies, baskets, and small shelves to hang your small items on the wall. In this way, you will clean up your deck/ room and have everything organized.

Also, consider vertical shelves. They can be great not just by your desk but also at your bedside. Use a tall bookshelf as your headboard. You will be able to store extra stuff in reach but organized and out of your way. You can also run a long bookshelf along your bed with easy access.

Bicycle leaning on a rustic bookshelf
Vertical shelving can prove to be a good storage solution for good use of space

Under the bed storage

Utilize the space you usually don’t use. Get creative to maximize your available space. Fin sturdy boxes, bins, and trunks to fit under your bed. Use them as storage that is out of sight but in reach. This is the way to utilize some unused under the bed space and get your room organized at the same time.

Multipurpose furniture offers creative storage solutions for your dorm room

The market is full of different multipurpose furniture. Buy some boxes, chests, trunks, and ottomans for your dorm room. These are great for storage of different items and can be flexible and versatile as well as a decoration element. You can also use them as nightstands or tuck them under the bed. Some of them can be used as benches and seats when you have people over. In this way, they are helping things be organized and tidy as well as serving another purpose at the same time.

Two chests on top of each other
Be creative – Chests, boxes and trunks can be multipurpose: storage, seating and decoration

So, a good dorm room organization is crucial for creating a useful living space. Creativity and planning as well as finding suitable storage solutions are the key to cozy and comfortable living in a small space.