A House For Sale In Somerville.

Why is Somerville a great city to buy your first home?

When buying a house or apartment, one of the first steps to take is to choose the right location for you. If you want to live in Massachusetts, it has plenty of great places where you can move to and invest in property there. Considering Somerville as a place where you want to live? Is Somerville a great city to buy your first home and if it is, why is that?

It is one of the best places in MA where to buy your first home. Many people are moving here. It is a suburb of Boston with a population of almost 90,000. This suburb offers residents an urban-suburban mix feel, which is a big plus. It is one of the reasons why Somerville is one of the best places to move to after college in Massachusetts – many young people live here.

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Buying a home for the first time is exciting, fun, and stressful too

How to move to Massachusetts with ease?

First of all, you need to move to Massachusetts and to know how to transport all your items safely. If you don’t have any experience with moving, this may be challenging for you. Before you hire a moving company for the upcoming relocation, make sure to do a lot of research online and ask for recommendations. trustmas.com is one of them, but always choose more companies and then compare their services and prices.

Start with packing as soon as possible because it is a task that takes people most of the time. Some people need a couple of months, and some people can pack all their things in just a few weeks. Anyhow, the average period is one month. First, start with packing this you don’t use often and items you definitely won’t need before a moving day.

If you already live here in MA, then you will need to research local moving companies with experience to settle in here hassle-free. They know this area the best, and because of that, you will move fast and stressless.

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Save enough money for home buying because homes in this part of MA are not cheap

Reasons why is Somerville a great city to buy your first home?

Why so many young professionals live in Somerville, and MA in general? Having the best universities in the USA is one of the reasons, of course, but it is not the only one.

Buying your first home in Somerville may be a great option for you (and your family too). Here are some of the reasons why should you live in Somerville for a longer period of time.

Great education

If you have kids or want them in near future, having 39 schools available for children is good. Options are great and schools are highly rated in Somerville. The Somerville School District serves more than 5,000 students. When buying a home, you need to know your plans for the future because it is a big investment. Education is one of the most important things for kids, and this is why is Somerville a great city to buy your first home. After-school programs are also available for kids of all ages.

Arts and culture

Massachusetts was one of the first states where Europeans came. This is why Boston and cities around has a very long history and traditions. Besides that arts and culture are well-developed.

Low crime rate

Living in a safe area is very important. The crime rate in Somerville is low and this city is relatively safe (compared to other urban areas in the USA). Make a plan in the long run and invest in property in a safe area, without crimes.

Job opportunities

Job opportunities attract many people to come to Somerville, MA.  The top industries in Somerville are Education, Technology, and Healthcare and your options are not finished here. Boston city is close to Somerville, so you can try your luck there too. You only have about 15-20 minutes from Somerville to Boston. A median household income is $77,000 per year which is a lot more the the national average.


 The livability score is above average – US average and it is one of the main reasons why is Somerville a great city to buy your first home. This livability is calculated by education, crime, cost of living, and residents’ overall happiness.

Real estate trends – Somerville, MA

Before you buy a first home, you need to research the real estate market. Of course, hiring a local real estate agent is the best way to find your dream home. Hire a realtor when buying your first home and set your priorities and the budget.

The median home price in Somerville is around $816,000. Home values have gone up 4.4% over the past year, so if you want to save more money, hurry up with this purchase. Most homes (37%) of them are listed between $625,000 and $938,000. The total number of homes and apartments is 32,802. 32,4% of residents here are homeowners, the rest are renters. To afford a home, research all the types of loans for first-time home buyers and know that there are some programs for first-time homebuyers.

The median rent per month in Somerville is $3,500. So, if you want to invest in property here and to earn money from it, this may also be a good solution.

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First, you need to get a loan from a bank

Most homes were built before 1939 – 63% of them. You can choose between single-family homes, townhomes, apartment complexes, but the most common type of homes here are small apartment buildings – usually 2 bedroom homes.


Now, when you know why is Somerville a great city to buy your first home, you can start planning and researching available homes for you. Set priorities and a budget for this purchase, but be open to making some compromises. Know your needs and what size of home you really need. Since they are not cheap here, you need to be more careful.