It's That Time Of The Year For Spring Cleaning Your Dorm Room

Spring cleaning your dorm room – do it like a pro

Student life had thought us that it’s possible to customize the tiniest of living spaces into living quarters. We often share it with someone, so keeping it tidy at all times might be a problem. Still, it’s important you now and then do a little thorough cleaning, getting rid of all unnecessary things you might have accumulated during our busy college schedule. Here are some tips for cleaning your dorm room like a pro.

Laundry cleaning

Sheets, covers, curtains, towels, and even clothing that you haven’t worn over a season need to be washed. Things tend to get that weird smell laying on the shelves for ages.


Pay attention to places like behind the wardrobe and under the beds. It is annoying, but doing partial dusting won’t get you anywhere. If you don’t do a thorough dusting, it will resurface fast enough, with more accumulated dust. The endless circle of dust!

A woman is decluttering her wardrobe.
It’s time to stop hoarding! Throw out everything you don’t really need.

After you’re done dusting, make sure to wipe everything with some cleaning solution. And don’t forget the windows!

Do you really need all that stuff?

Take a good look around you. Is there anything lying in your dorm for ages that you haven’t had any practical use for? Throw it out! Or if it’s something valuable for you pack it in a special box and sent it back home. A lot of small things can make a big mess! You want as much clear space you can get in order to have easy access when cleaning your dorm room.

When spring cleaning your dorm room, file your papers

If you haven’t sorted out the way of filing your papers, do it as soon as possible. College life requires a lot of paperwork, and you don’t want to worry about missing important papers. Make a file system, label it and keep it neat. Using different color stickers can help you find stuff faster.

Sweep and vacuum the floors and rugs

Most of the dust and dirt ends up on the floor. While cleaning your dorm room, make sure to properly dust out the rug. Some refreshing with shampoo foam and water wouldn’t harm. As long as you don’t get it too wet.

Don’t skip the bathroom!

Many dorms don’t have their own bathroom. Still, even if you’re sharing it with a group of people, make sure to clean it as often as you can.

Cleaning your dorm room starts with a bathroom.
Clean all the bathroom surfaces, including towel holders and tiles around it

Bathroom hygiene is one of the most important things where most of the bacteria can be. After you’re done with the toilet and sinks, wipe the shower glass.

The list of supplies for cleaning your dorm room:

  • Sponges (make sure to have a separate one for the bathroom)
  • Cleaning rags (Rinse them out properly after every use. Make sure they are dry, before storing them. If you leave them wet, they will smell horrible and attract bacteria)
  • Dusters,        
  • Mop and a mop bucket,
  • Floor cleaning rag or some paper towels (You will want to wipe the floor after moping. That way it will soak extra water, and dry your floors sooner),
  • Bathroom cleaning supplies (Antibacterial soaps, toilet, and shower cleaner),
  • Gloves,
  • Kitchen cleaning supplies or a simple all-purpose cleaner will do,
  • Vacuum cleaner,
  • Air fresheners (these are optional, but you want your room to smell amazing).

The only thing you’re left to do is to put on some good music and get to it! After you’re done and prepared for moving out of student housing, make sure to treat yourself to some rest. You know that feeling, when you’re done with thorough cleaning your dorm room and everything is spotless and smells amazing? There is nothing like it, isn’t it?