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Where to start your career after graduating from college?

While you were in college, you were most likely working very hard on your career. And it isn’t easy doing that when you’re in college because you also have to study besides working. But after you graduate, working on your career is easier. The best way to achieve results fast is to move somewhere where you can progress. There are plenty of places in the country where even starting your career after graduating is a great idea. If that sounds like something you’d want to know more about, you came to the right place. We did a lot of research so you don’t have to and we created a list of places where you should start your career after graduating.

Manatee County, Florida

This county is considered to be one of the best counties in Florida to live in. It has less than 400,000 residents. It is a pretty big county but it is very safe. Manatee County is located near Tampa, just underneath the Tampa Bay on the West coast of Florida. Florida generally is an amazing place to start your career after graduating because it has a lot to offer. It offers great job opportunities, cheap housing, a fun lifestyle, amazing weather. Everything about Florida is amazing when you’re 20-something and just starting to build your future.

When settling in Manatee County you must know a few things. The median household income is around $55,000. This is also the national average so this means you’ll be earning a nice amount of money. Because this is where plenty of tourists come to get some rest, there’s a lot of job opportunities in the retail industry. This is also a county where plenty of retirees move. This means that the health industry in Manatee County is always searching for new doctors.

Tampa Bay.

Manatee County has a lot to offer.

Pasco County, Florida

Because Florida is a great place to start your career after graduating, we have to mention one more place where doing it would be an ideal decision and it’s Pasco County. Pasco County is located above the City of Tampa. It has roughly the same number of residents as Manatee County. What’s even better about Pasco County is that it has better homes. The median home price is around $130,000. Pasco County has a lot of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks where you can relax after a long work week. Pasco County relocation organization and assistance are easily found because this county is becoming more and more popular among young people.

The median household income in Paco County is just $48,000, which is less than the national average. If you work in the health industry, this is the place for you because there’s plenty of hospitals and medical centers here looking for doctors and nurses. This is where a lot of retirees move as well as people who are thinking about starting a family. This county is safe and living here won’t be something you regret. But if you already live in Florida and you planned to move out of Florida after college, we have places for you too.

A stethoscope if the medicine is where you want to start your career after graduating.

If you work in the health care industry, this is the place for you.

Cincinnati, Ohio

Ohio is another great state that young people love. And Cincinnati is an amazing city to start your career after graduating. It is rated as one of the most affordable large cities in the nation. This is a very important thing for people who just graduated. You’re probably still not earning a lot of money and that’s why living somewhere where prices are reasonable can be very helpful. As you’ll be moving into your first apartment after college, you’ll be thrilled to find out that home prices and rent are very low.

Cincinnati is great for people who just graduated from college as it has plenty of clubs, bars, and restaurants where you can spend free time with your friends. This city is full of young people and you’ll be able to find someone to keep you company easily. Cincinnati is also home to many large companies such as Kroger, Procter & Gamble, Fifth Third Bancorp, American Financial, Macy’s, and plenty of other ones you know of. This means that the job market is huge as these huge companies are always hiring new people because their businesses are expanding.

A view of Cincinnati.

For those who not only want to work on their careers but their social life too, Cincinnati is the perfect pick.

Dallas, Texas

Texas is not on most people’s lists for places to move to but our research showed that Texas is a great state for people who have just finished college. First thing’s first, Texas isn’t expensive. This is a huge plus. And Dallas is one of the nicest cities in Texas. You’ll find everything you need in Dallas. Homes are great. The lifestyle is laid back and chill. You’ll have plenty of time to relax and spend time with your friends and family.

Income here is not bad at all. Texas is home to many big companies. AT&T, Energy Transfer Equity, Texas Instruments, Energy Future Holdings, and many more large companies call Texas their home. All these are very successful and working for these companies is well-paid. If you live in Dallas, you can do anything because Dallas has everything. You can work in the health care industry, the real estate industry, retail, education. Anything you can think of. This is exactly why we find Dallas to be one of the best places to start your career after graduating. From Dallas, you can easily move anywhere in the country.