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Starting a business in Brooklyn after graduation

The period after graduation may be the most difficult for everybody. The main question is – what now? If you don’t have any specific goals, you may be confused and not knowing where to start. Running your own business sounds like a great idea, but without any experience, you may wonder how to do it. Studying in NYC helped you realize you want to start a business right there. Here are some tips on starting a business in Brooklyn after graduation and being successful at it.

Do something you like

Being successful will be quite easy if you’re doing something that fulfills you. As a new grad, you’re young and have enough time to experiment with your career. That’s why you should start with something you really want to do, and be passionate about. So, if it was easy to choose the right college for you, there shouldn’t be any problems with this decision, as well. If you do something meaningful for you will help you be interested in the business and always do more.

A girl showing thumbs up because she knows that starting a business in Brooklyn after graduation is the right thing to do.

When starting a business in Brooklyn after graduation, a lack of experience shouldn’t be your obstacle.

Don’t compare to others when starting a business in Brooklyn

Before you start anything, do the research about the field you’re interested in and find out what it takes to start a business. Don’t compare yourself to other people, since everybody has a different background, skills, personal characteristics, financial situation, etc. Find out everything about the field you like and start your own story. Even though other people’s advice and experience can be useful, don’t let it be the main reason you run a business.

Get experience – without any experience

When you are starting a business in Brooklyn after graduation, the main problem is the lack of business experience. That’s why you need to find a shortcut that will help you gain some. The best way to do it is to find mentors that will help you start. Discuss the ideas, ask for advice and gain support in the most difficult period – the very start of your career.

A student researching business ideas for starting a business in Brooklyn after graduation

So some research and look for mentors when starting a business in Brooklyn after graduation – they will help you and guide you through the process.

Choose the best Brooklyn location

No matter how good your products/services are, they won’t find any buyers in the wrong location. Think about your target customers and look for the place where you can find them. This way you’ll choose the perfect location in Brooklyn that suits your target customers. For example, if you are in the tech business, you should consider Dumbo. If you see a lot of playgrounds, strollers, and family-friendly restaurants – that’s the place to open a kids’ store or something similar.

Get professional help with starting a business in Brooklyn

Since everything can be confusing for a new graduate, professional help with starting a business in Brooklyn is somewhat necessary. Contact the  Brooklyn Small Business Development Center to get some help with your business plan, acquiring all the necessary permits and licenses, starting the marketing game, etc. These services are free of charge and can help a lot in these first steps.

When moving into your new office space – contact professionals, two. Moving companies like Dumbo Moving and Storage Brooklyn will make sure everything goes smoothly. A stress-free and fast move is necessary because you probably don’t have much experience with commercial relocations.

Build a strong network

One of the most important things when starting a business in Brooklyn is to build a strong network of people around you. this can’t happen overnight, so start right away. Make connections wherever you go and use your ‘old’ relationships for help. There are always people who can share great advice, help with difficult situations, etc.