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How to stay fit and healthy during the semester?

Whether studying abroad or just a few miles away from their family home, college students often find it difficult to stay fit and healthy during the semester. Between exams, classes, papers, and a vibrant dorm social life it can be difficult to incorporate regular workouts and healthy lifestyle habits into the everyday schedule. However, with proper prioritizing when it comes to meal choices and some planning in advance you can easily find a way to stay both fit and healthy during a semester.

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Staying healthy during college might be easier than you think

Your health comes first

Young people often overlook the importance of healthy habits and proper nutrition. However, seemingly small unhealthy habits during your college years can do permanent damage to your body and health in the long run. Therefore, make sure you start thinking about your health and wellness before the healthy choices become mandatory.

One of the most common misconceptions is that you will need to spend tons of money in order to stay healthy during college. Therefore, so many students rather choose to grab a fast food snack than to plan their meals in advance. However, staying fit and healthy may be much easier than you think. Here are a few important tips to follow in order to create a healthier lifestyle while in college:

  • Plan your meals in advance.
  • Find time to exercise or take walks.
  • Sleep more and find time to relax and unwind.
  • Get rid of some unhealthy habits in order to stay fit and healthy during the semester.

Pay attention to your diet

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Meal planning is important for staying fit and healthy

Most of the college students live on a tight budget. Therefore, for many of them saving money usually equals junk food. Even though eating healthy can seem pricey, with a proper meal plan you can stay on budget while eating healthy.

Research and learn more on proper portion size

The proper portion size may vary depending on your age, gender, weight, health, and regular everyday physical activity. In order to be able to plan your meals in advance, you will need to educate yourself a bit more on the recommended portion size for you.

Prepare your meals

Dining out, even if we are talking about fast food restaurants and vendors can turn out to be pricey. Cooking for yourself can both help you save money and eat better. You don’t have to waste much time by the stove. Research online and you will find there are many healthy recipes that are quick and easy to follow.

If you don’t have any time to prepare your food, make sure you make smarter choices with your meals. We know that life in a student residence and everyday classes don’t leave you much time or space to experiment with your cooking skills. However, there must be some options to choose from. Your cafeteria most likely offers a few healthy choices like salads or sandwiches.

Mix it up

An important part of a proper nutrition is a variety of different groceries and meals. Therefore, avoid eating your favorite meal each day, nevermind how healthy it is. Keep in mind that food is an important source of energy you need. Eating healthy in college will boost your concentration and help you achieve your academic goals. Therefore, don’t forget that variety in your meals can only help you stay fit and healthy during the semester.

Eat breakfast and never skip meals

When rushing to an 8 a.m. class, breakfast might not be the first thing that crosses your mind. However, by planning your meals in advance, you will be able to prepare your breakfast in advance. A simple granola bar, an apple or a banana for breakfast can help you avoid overeating later during the day.

Find time to exercise or take walks

If you are not in a sport’s team it is most likely that you hardly ever find time to exercise. However, with just a few small changes in your everyday routine, you can free some time that you can use for a quick workout or a walk around the campus.


Find activities that you enjoy

When searching for solutions on how to stay fit and healthy during the semester, some students think they need a strict exercise routine. This is exactly why many of them quit the idea or have a short-time motivation to change their habits. In order to avoid any of common mistakes, start small. Take a walk or find an activity you enjoy. If you don’t like going to a gym there is no need to torture yourself. Workout routines like driving a bicycle or yoga can help you stay fit. With an activity you enjoy and have fun with you are more likely to incorporate it as a habit.

If you don’t like exercising on your own and need some support look for a workout buddy or a trainer. many students that go to study abroad, especially in UAE, decide to hire a personal coach. Therefore if you are moving for college there as well you can find fitness trainers in Dubai. Having a personal trainer doesn’t need to burn a hole in your wallet. You can always hire a professional for guidance and useful tips and continue to workout on your own.

Enough sleep can help you stay fit and healthy during the semester

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Sleeping reduces stress and boosts your metabolism

College is stressful. Between early morning classes, exams, and possibly dealing with a difficult college roommate, many students don’t find enough time to sleep. However, lack of sleep can influence the level of stress you experience through a day. Having enough sleep will have a positive impact on your health, metabolism and energy level.

Cut off the bad habits

We know that college parties are the best. However too much alcohol, nicotine or caffeine can have a negative impact on your overall health. Cutting off a few bad habits will help you stay fit and healthy during the semester.