Notebook Planner Helping You Stay Organised In College.

How to stay organized in college?

Improving your GPA surely is stressful, and procrastination certainly won’t make things any easier. Whether you’re a freshman about to start your college journey or you already have student experience, you’ll need organization skills. It’s amazing what you can amount with a little advanced planning and the right skill set. But, how do you incorporate it into your life? Luckily for you, this article will help you stay organized in college, so read on!

Planners work wonders

Is organizing simply not your forte? Do you consider yourself to be forgetful? Than planners are just the thing for you! They require a conscious effort and will improve your planning skills. It’s easy to get confused when trying to keep up with so many assignments and test dates, but putting pen to paper provides you with a broader perspective. Write down all the due dates and daily schedule and you’ll easily stay on top of your task. If you don’t want a paper planner, you can download a planner app which will serve the purpose and help you stay organized in college.

Notebook planner to help you stay organized in college.

Planners are useful companions that will help you stay organized in college.

Keep track of your syllabi

Speaking of planning, another useful trick is to have a folder that will house all your syllabi for the semester. Basically, it serves as an outline of everything you will cover in your classes during the semester. Paired with your planner, it will help you stay up to date and well organized. It’s important to start this habit as soon as possible, as you’ll adapt to college life and activities much easier. Syllabi also include professors’ office hours and absent policy – two more reasons why you’ll check them all the time.

Manage your time to stay organized in college

Yes, relishing in your new-found freedom is great, but reality will inevitably come knocking on your door. When it does, you’ll need time management skills and learning techniques to help you learn a lesson in 15 minutes. Here are a few helpful tricks from the time-management department:

  • make a weekly schedule to stay organized in college
  • break up study times – you need pauses!
  • establish priorities – not all tasks are essential!
  • track your time to increase productivity
    An abstract image of a half-man, half-clock.

    Learn to manage your time so that you can balance free time with studying

Take care of your health

While you’re out there chasing due dates, it is easy to succumb to anxiety and overlook the importance of healthy habits. But, if you aren’t paying attention to your diet, getting enough sleep and exercising regularly, your overall health can suffer. You might think that living on a student budget doesn’t allow for a healthy diet, but that’s a misconception. Balancing cafeteria food with healthy snacks from the grocery store is surely cheaper than spending money on fast food. And remember, a busy schedule is no excuse to take a break and at least walk around the campus for half an hour. Your body will thank you!

Declutter your workspace

Not to sound like your parents, but, yes, it really does make a difference. An organized workplace means an organized mind, so keep it clean. Decorate an empty jar and keep pens and highlighters in it. Buy a little desk lamp, especially if you like studying in the evening hours. Personalize your space, it may not help you stay organized in college, but it will create a more inviting atmosphere.