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Student-friendly neighborhoods of Chicago

Chicago is a city of opportunities. One of the most populous cities in the states, it is estimated to have around 2.7 million residents. With some of the best Universities in the USA, it is often a number one destination for students from all over the world to live and study. When it comes to those young people heading for Chicago, probably the most frequent question is – What are the most student-friendly neighborhoods of Chicago? Well, we are here to answer that for you.

What to look for?

The city of Chicago is divided into 77 areas. With their unique characteristics, and pros and cons, choosing the right one for students can be tough. So what’s the best way to do it? You can always look online and get in touch with someone who has experience in moving while in college. Or, you can wander around the city, if you’re more of an adventurous type. Whatever suits you best. But, usually, the most important things for students when choosing a place to live are:

  • location
  • public transportation
  • price, and
  • attractions
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Do your research online

Preparing for the move

But when moving, it’s not just about choosing a place to live. You have to think about packing and the safest and easiest way of transporting your things. Those books are not gonna carry by themselves! But you also need to stay within your budget. That’s where Golans Moving and Storage step in. Contact them and get the best quote for your relocation.

What are the most student-friendly neighborhoods of Chicago?

Having in mind the budget and the distance from the Universities, we singled out a few neighborhoods for students to live in:

Wicker park

With plenty of bars, antique boutiques, bookshops, and great food, this hood has it all. Though it may not be so close to the University, it offers good transportation links, which is always a plus.

Ukrainian village

Named one of the hottest neighborhoods in 2016, in terms of affordability and public transport. Though it kept its vintage architecture and charm, there are lots of recently opened nightlife spots and shops.

Lincoln Park

Perhaps the most preferred hood, not just for students, but for youngsters in general. With a lakeside location, and the park it got the name from, but also a wide range of public transportation, it’s no wonder that this is the most recognizable hood in Chicago.


Located south of the University Village, this neighborhood is close to the UIC, Illinois-Institute of Technology, and many other smaller colleges. With a great number of bars and restaurants, it is named one of Chicago’s coolest hoods by CNN. We certainly name it one of the most student-friendly neighborhoods of Chicago.

Hyde Park

With the University of Chicago located in its center, this hood is the most logical option for students. Besides its proximity, you’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful parks and museums. It is well connected with downtown by express busses. Or you can rent a bike if you’re feeling recreational.

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Start planning!

These are just some of the student-friendly neighborhoods in Chicago. The best way to choose is to write down the pros and cons of each one. Especially if you’re coming from another city or state. If you, on the other hand, already live in Chicago, it’ll be a little easier, since you already know the city. The other advantage is that local move saves time and money since you can count on teams nearby to help you with organization and transport.

Don’t overpack

One thing to have in mind though, when preparing for the move- do not ’’over-pack’’. We’ve all been there. You have a lot of things that remind you of home, clothes that you might need, and a lot of other little things that you don’t need. So if you change your mind, or you don’t have enough space for everything you packed, consider renting a unit for items you don’t use every day. That way, they’ll be safe and close if you need it, but not so close that you’ll have to jump over it.

Ready, set, go!

We hope that we helped you at least a bit in getting familiar with the most student-friendly neighborhoods of Chicago. So sit down, make a plan, and get ready, cause the windy city is waiting. One thing is for sure – whichever Chicago neighborhood you choose, you’ll be blown away.