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Top 5 student-friendly places in Canada

Are you moving to another country to study? Investing in your education is the best investment that you can make. Canada offers great colleges where you can get experience and knowledge. If your goal is to get your education there, find student-friendly places in Canada where you can be safe, get new friends, and study – all at the same time.

Best student-friendly places in Canada

Where do students love to live when they are studying in Canada? Which cities are the best for them and which cities have the best universities and colleges? This is the list of 5 top student-friendly places in Canada:

  • Montreal
  • Toronto
  • Vancouver
  • Brantford
  • Ottawa

Consider them as your new permanent (or temporary) home.

#1 Montreal

One of the most popular universities in the world, McGill University, is located in Montreal. And it is not the only good university located in this city. Because of that, Montreal is famous among students from all around the world, not only Canadians.

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Explore schools in Canada and the cities too

#2 Toronto

As the capital of Ontario, Toronto has a booming economy, a lot of job opportunities, and of course, great schools. Also, finding an apartment for rent in Toronto won’t be hard because options are endless. You can hear more than 150 languages in Toronto, all people are coming here to study or work.

#3 Vancouver

University of British Columbia, Columbia College, Simon Fraser University, and Vancouver Island University are all located in Vancouver, Canada. It is not the most affordable city in Canada, but it is one of the student-friendly cities.

#4 Brantford

This is a city in ON that is home to several universities and colleges. Wilfrid Laurier University is a famous university there and it is highly rated. Of course, it is not the only school. Other schools are Six Nations Polytechnic, Nipissing University, Conestoga College, and Mohawk College. For moving to Brantford, the city has great service that can help students move in.

#5 Ottawa

As the capital of Canada. Ottawa has everything that you wish for. It has a great standard of living and it has the largest tech park in Canada, which is important for younger generations. More than half of the Ottawa population are foreigners.

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College life is a new experience and the best period of life

Renting a storage unit in Canada as a student

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Explore Canada!

Although there are not many differences between studying in the U.S. and Canada, it is not the same. Choosing a location where you will live for a couple of years is very important. So, explore on time. After choosing one of the student-friendly places in Canada, it is time to plan your relocation process.