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Student housing in NYC

New York City has a lot to offer. With so many prestigious and quality schools and universities, it’s one of the best places to live and study. When it comes to student housing in NYC there are many options to choose from. From renting a subsidized apartment in the city to living on a university campus. What those options make is a very flexible and versatile city to live, study and work. Here are some options related to housing for students in New York City, and they will certainly help you make your college moving a breeze.

Student housing in NYC for a summer internship

One of the most sought after things for any university student is a summer internship. But, what happens when you have to move off campus but need to stay in the city? Well, there are many options to choose from. And one great option for student housing in NYC are companies that specialize in intern-specific housing. Those companies offer affordable apartments that will provide you with all the amenities you will need. The apartments are scattered throughout the city. So there’s no shortage of locations to choose from. It’s not as cheap as campus housing, but it offers so much more. So, as soon as you book your summer internship call JP Urban Moving Brooklyn and schedule your relocation. And in no time you will enjoy the life you’ve worked so hard to get to.

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Many students have already gotten used to only what the university campus has to offer. But, these apartments have so much more to offer. And some would say that you will be living luxuriously with amenities such as A/C, security, laundry and mail, and package services.  Apartments are laid out in such a way to allow you to both work and study. You will have everything you need at your disposal, such as a large bed, big wardrobe, desk, flat-screen TV with premium cable and so much more. And it will be a great experience throughout your summer internship.

Moving from campus to student internship housing

When it comes to moving from the campus to an apartment you have a few options. If you have a car and a few friends willing to help you, you can move on your own. You can pack everything and head straight to the apartment. Another way is to hire moving specialists that can help you move locally. It’s a much easier option. It will cost a little bit more than gas money. But you will have the benefit of not having to haul your stuff halfway across town. And you won’t have to worry about damaged or broken items.

Campus housing in NYC

New York City is home to many universities, colleges, and specialized schools. And most of them have their own student housing in NYC. It’s a great way to attend university and save some money since you won’t be renting an apartment. And the whole experience of living on campus will be just in front of the door. You will be surrounded by people your age with similar interests. It’s a great way to make friends and contacts for the future. Here are some of the best options when it comes to campus student housing in NYC.

NYU campus

The urban campus of New York University or better known as NYU is located in Manhattan. NYU is also among top three largest landowners in New York City. The campus is located around Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village. And also in MetroTech center in Downtown Brooklyn. Most of the buildings on the main campus are scattered across a large area. It is bounded by Huston Street to the south, Broadway to the east, 14th Street to the north and Sixth Avenue to the west. So, truly an awesome location in the heart of the city. It will give you an opportunity to enjoy both university life as well as NYC life.

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NYU is one of the best universities you can find and it offers good housing options.

Cornell University

Cornell University is currently ranked as the 14th best university in the world. And that makes it the best university in New York City. As well as one of the best universities in the country. It’s a member of the prestigious Ivy League group of universities. And it offers many academic and vocational courses. Getting into it is another story. But, if you do get the privilege of attending Cornell University, you also have an option for student housing in NYC. Even though Cornell University’s main campus is in Ithaca, some 200 miles from NYC, it also has a strong presence inside the city. Its medical campus is on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. And recently the university opened it’s new Cornell Tech engineering campus on Roosevelt Island.

Fordham University’s two campuses

Fordham University consists of 10 colleges. Out of those 10 four are for undergraduates and six for postgraduates. That makes for over 15,000 students attending it. And the university has two main campuses in New York City. The first one is Rose Hill campus and its locations are in the Bronx and Lincoln Center in Manhattan. The second one is much smaller and its location is in West Harrison, about 25 miles north of Manhattan.

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Fordham University consists of 10 universities.

Stevens Institute of Technology

Even though this university is in the neighboring New Jersey, it’s still close enough to be a good option for student housing in NYC. The campus encompasses 55-acre land in Hoboken, on the west bank of the Hudson River. And with such proximity to the NYC, it provides easy access to the city.

The New School campus

The New School is one of the most popular universities for international students. And currently has over 10,000 students attending it. Its main campus has a location in a beautiful part of the Village. With such a great location you will feel at home in your dorm at The New School campus. It’s a great choice for anyone studying liberal arts, music, drama, design and so on.