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Student life in California during the pandemic

College is not only about studying – it is much more. A new experience, new friends, learning more things about yourself, working on yourself and your education, having fun, etc. But, college life in 2020 is a little bit different, and it probably will be during 2021 too. Student life in California during the pandemic is changing because of social distancing and other measures.

The COVID-19 pandemic is all over the world, not only in the USA. But, the situation in the USA is the worst, unfortunately. Nobody knows where the end is, and what the situation will be next year.

Nervous student because of student life in California during the pandemic.
Don’t be stressed out because of changes in college life during the pandemic.

Changes in student life in California during the pandemic

What are the changes in student life because of the coronavirus?

  • California’s public universities and colleges have moved most courses online and that is the biggest change. This is why many students are moving back to the parent’s home amid the pandemic. College dorms are open for those who have nowhere else to turn, but most students are moving somewhere else because it is safer. In spring 2020, half of the students changed their living arrangements.
  • Another problem is that almost 70% of students in California lost their sources of income, so they are forced to move back to the parent’s house or to find other housing solutions. If this is the case with you too and you need to move within the Golden State, research movers online and start packing your items from the dorm room.
  • When it comes to studying, 1/4 of students dropped one or more courses because of the coronavirus pandemic. Student life in California during the pandemic affected everything – from having fun with friends to studying and getting better grades.

What to do with your items if moving?

If you have decided to move out of a college dorm because of online courses, where will you put all the items? If you want to travel more or to move to a different, smaller apartment, your items need to be in a safe place. So, one of the solutions is to put them in a storage unit that you can rent with friends and pay less.

Mod Movers may offer you storage units as well as moving services. Consider hiring full-service movers for your college moving. No matter if you are moving to college or from college – having someone experienced to help you out will make the process easier.

Empty classroom.
Most classes are online, but campuses are still working.

If you are moving now to college in California, make sure to clean and disinfect your dorm room before moving in. Not only because of the COVID-19, but you should also do it without the pandemic too.

Moving companies are still working, even during the pandemic. They understand student life in California during the pandemic and many students moved in 2020.