Student’s guide to moving to Saudi Arabia

Moving to Saudi Arabia sounds very exotic – and it is. This is a whole new continent for you, and for students, it can be very challenging. But don’t worry, people are move here all the time and we will also share with you some tips and tricks, so when the day comes to move you will be fully prepared. We have gathered some other students’ experience too and we will show you what to consider first.

Moving to Saudi Arabia from the states

Moving to Saudi Arabia surely is very exciting for you – you must be very excited right now! They are known to have really good schools, so education won’t be a problem. But it’s very important to research a lot about their school system, way of life and culture. Even though some people think they don’t like Americans and are not very welcoming, they are. Especially younger generations, they even speak English so it won’t be that hard to adapt and fit in.

You need to research a lot about Saudi Arabia before relocating here.

Things you need to know about differences

Certain rules are very different from what you are used to. Also, you should know that they lead a different lifestyle than what you’ve known your whole life and you need to know this to adapt easily there. You can find all the info you need online and we will give you a few examples but you need to research their culture, customs, and laws before coming here :

  • alcholol is forbiden
  • dont bring any religious book and refer from talking about your religion
  • dont wear shorts or any too revialing clothing
  • eating pork is forbiden
  • showing affection in public like kissing is frowned upon and you should avoid it

Paperwork and documents

Young professionals (especially the IT crowd) and students will most likely easily get a visa. Lucky for you, nowadays most of the paperwork and pre-approvals can be done online which is very convenient. But beware, some things can take a bit longer because of the global pandemic that is still affecting many aspects of life. Be prepared to wait a bit, but that will only give you more time to prepare and research Saudi Arabia. There will be some fees for Visa (SAR 300) and insurance (SAR 140) but they will tell you all this on your Visa interview once you apply.

Preparing for moving to Saudi Arabia

There are a lot of online student groups who will be willing to share their experience of studying in Saudi Arabia as American citizens. Make sure to join some so you can be prepared as best as you can. When the paperwork is done you need to start preparing for moving to Saudi Arabia. Your first stop should be your doctor. Get your full medical history to bring with you – just in case. The next step should be decluttering and packing. You might want to contact movers like and see how they can help you out.

People who can help you along the way

Moving to Saudi Arabia is a difficult process for sure. There is so much to be planned and prepared. This is not your regular relocation, you are moving to a whole new continent. That’s why it might be best to hire movers that are specialized in this field. You should ask them about the cost-effective way of delivery of your belongings. Using sea cargo is usually the cheapest solution so make sure to ask them about that.

moving to Saudi Arabia - hire movers to help you out
Movers will be the ones to help you out with this hard task.

Moving day

The most hectic day of them all. Simply because all the stress builds up and it hits you that day. There are moving apps that can help you to relax on that day. They can also help you with moving preparations along the way. It’s important to pack one bag that will always be near you and contain all the necessities on the road (make sure to bring all important documents and paper in that said bag). If you have hired professional movers, they will be dealing with all the hard work and heavy lifting so it will be way easier for you. All you are left with is to prepare to move to a whole different continent where you will be living in your new home.

Adaptation after relocation

Start unpacking as soon as you move in. There is no point in delaying it since it’s inevitable. You need to unpack and then you will be able to start decorating your new place to your own taste and making it yours. After you are done with organizing your things you can start by meeting your new neighbors and finding your new friends here. You should befriend locals – they will be the ones to help you out with your adaptation period. It’s ok if you feel homesick in the beginning, everybody feels this way, but it will get better over time, don’t worry. Soon enough you will feel at home here. When it comes to your family members and friends, well, there are apps for that. You can use Skype or Facetime to talk to each other regularly.

Unpack as soon as you possibly can. That will help you out even though you will be tired.

Living and exploring Saudi Arabia

Moving to Saudi Arabia and living there will be the biggest change and the best experience for you no matter the period for your staying there. That’s why it’s important to meet locals to help you out with exploring your new town. You can find many cool things to see and enjoy yourself online but locals know better and they will be glad to show you especially if you ask your own piers. Make sure to explore their food as well. Their cuisine is much different from what you are used to and you should give it a try.

Good luck with your relocation!