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Student’s guide to moving to Virginia

Are you planning on moving to Virginia to continue your academic journey? That’s great – you must be so excited! However, before you make such an important step, you should probably do your research first to find out everything you need to know about college and Virginia. You don’t want to go into something like this unprepared. To help you out, we prepared a student’s guide to moving to Virginia. Here, you can find some basic information about the state of Virginia, as well as tips and tricks for student living. 

Virginia – Home To Some Of The Best Universities

Virginia is frequently included when discussing the greatest states for college students in the United States. It is home to some of the greatest universities in the country, such as the University of Virginia, Washington & Lee University, and others. However, famous universities aren’t the only thing that sets Virginia apart from others. It also has beautiful scenery and a favorable climate. As a result, it’s no wonder why so many students decide to move to Virginia every year.

Brown and black wooden chairs inside a   lecture hall.
While you may dislike college lectures at first, you’ll grow to love them over time.

Weather In Virginia

Before you start packing your clothes and begin planning your move to Virginia, you should consider the climate. Virginia is noted for its four seasons and moderate temperature, which is neither too hot nor too cold. However, it is also known for having one of the most diverse and unpredictable climates in the United States. That means you should be prepared and pack for every weather – from hot summer days to cold winter. Alternatively, if you don’t have too much storage space in your dorm room, you can pack seasonal clothes when you first move. Then you can switch them whenever you go back home to visit your parents.

Moving To Virginia

If you don’t currently live in Virginia, the move itself might be challenging. This is especially true if your parents can’t help you during the moving day, or move them yourself. Don’t worry; while making this student’s guide to moving to Virginia, we considered all possibilities. So, if you don’t have any help from your friends and family, your best option is to join forces with professionals. By hiring reputable movers, you can ensure your belongings are taken care of and transferred safely.

Packing For College

If you ever tried making a list of all the things you’ll need in college, you know how difficult it is. No matter how long and hard you work on it, chances are you’ll always end up forgetting something. And here’s a mind-blowing fact: it doesn’t matter. Even if you forget something, chances are, it isn’t that important. Whatever university you choose, or whatever college town in the US you move to – you’ll most likely find wherever you’re missing there. So, when planning out things before moving to Virginia, try not to stress about it too much. If you forget something important, you can probably borrow whatever it is that you need from your dorm neighbors or your dorm mate.

Pack lightly

On the other hand, it’s a good idea for you to pack lightly, considering you probably won’t have too much storage space in your dorm. Experts from Beltway Movers suggest taking time to think through the things you’re packing, rather than sticking all your clothes and belongings in suitcases and boxes.

A cluttered table with books, notebooks and empty mugs.
One of the most important dorm room tips from a student’s guide to moving to Virginia is to keep your dorm clutter-free and organized.

Living In A Dorm – What You Need To Know

You probably imagine your freshman dorm to be really small, right? Well, it’s probably even smaller than that. And, chances are, you’ll most likely have a roommate. On the one hand, that can all be very exciting! On the other hand, it can all sometimes be a bit frustrating too. While we can’t exactly help with the roommate situation, we can share some of our best tips for creating more storage space in your dorm room. Some of them are:

  1. Utilize The Space Under Your Bed. Many mattresses in Virginia dorm rooms may be elevated to provide room for storage bins, drawers, or boxes. Additionally, the area beneath the bed may also be used to store a desk, dresser, or futon. If your bed isn’t adjustable, try acquiring bed risers to solve the problem. Add a bed skirt to hide the storage area under your bed if you’re worried about it seeming cluttered.
  2. Use The Vertical Space In Your Dorm. Shelves, racks, stacking bins, and hooks will be your best friend when you move to college. They can create a lot of additional storage rooms without seeming out of place. You’ll definitely need some in your dorm room.
  3. Keep Your Things Organized. This may seem like a weird tip, but if your dorm room is decluttered and organized, you’ll have more space for all of your stuff.

Off Grounds Housing

At most universities in Virginia, off-ground housing isn’t available for first-year students. After the first year, however, students can pick wherever they want to live. Many opt for apartments that are near the campus which lets them have a little freedom while also being near the grounds. However, with freedom also comes responsibility. And renting an apartment is a pretty huge one. You’ll have to sign a contract and pay a security deposit. So, before taking this step, make sure you’re ready for it.

Classmates studying in park together.
After moving to Virginia, you’ll soon realize you weren’t just moving for college; you were moving to start your new life and meet the people you will be friends with for years.

Final Thoughts

Moving to college is one big, exciting step! For many, it’s their first chance at freedom away from home and a chance to advance academically and find friends for life. When planning the move, the most important thing is to not get into your own head. If we want you to remember one thing from our student’s guide to moving to Virginia, it’s this: you’ll most likely forget something, and that’s perfectly fine. Nobody gets everything perfect their freshman year of college, and you don’t have to either! Instead, focus on having a good time, studying hard, and generally enjoying life. As cliché as it may sound, you don’t want to miss this time worrying and stressing about things that you did or didn’t bring to college with you.