Renting An Apartment In New Orleans

Student’s guide to renting an apartment in New Orleans

New Orleans is one of the best student cities. There are plenty of reasons why this is so. One of them is the fact that there are plenty of things to do here and plenty of places to go to. Another great thing about New Orleans is that it is a city where you can study in some of the best colleges in the state and the country. This is why it is so popular among students. It is such a great city that a lot of students decide to permanently relocate to New Orleans. And if you are thinking about doing the same, the first few months or years you will most likely be renting an apartment. If this is the case, read our guide to renting an apartment in New Orleans as a student.


Surely the first thing you are interested in when thinking about renting a home is how much that is going to cost you. You will be surprised that New Orleans is not such an expensive city to live in. This is one of the best places to move to after college.

The average rent for an apartment in New Orleans is around $1,200. When compared to other similar cities, this is a very small amount of money to pay monthly for a home in such a city. Zippy Shell Louisiana can help with the relocation any time!

Apartment keys.
Renting an apartment won’t cost you a fortune.


Another thing you must want to know more about is the neighborhoods in the city. New Orleans is not a small city therefore there are plenty of neighborhoods. Most of them are great and you won’t regret choosing any one of them. There are some more expensive and other less expensive neighborhoods. You just have to do proper research before moving.

But even if you do pick the wrong neighborhood, in case you need assistance to move to another one, there is some to be found in the city. There are plenty of moving companies you can hire for a local move and not spend a lot of money.

New Orleans.
There are plenty of neighborhoods to choose from.

The homes inside

You must be wondering what the homes inside look like. New Orleans is an old city with plenty of old buildings. This is why there is a lot of old apartment. But most of them have been remodeled by their owners to look modern. Not many of them are luxurious and since you are a student you might not even be able to afford a luxurious apartment. Luckily, if you do want to live in a luxurious apartment, you will be able to find a job in the city easily and earn money for it. Renting an apartment in New Orleans as a student is not easy but it is surely worth the trouble.