Students Enjoying Outdoor Activities In Morton Grove

Student’s guide to the best outdoor activities in Morton Grove

There are so many great outdoor activities in Morton Grove so it’s hard to list them all. This township is one of the best places to live in Illinois and many students find it to be a very attractive destination. The school system is above average here so the next thing we want to do is list what students can do to have fun around here.

Parks in Morton Grove

This township prides itself on having some great parks that people of all ages can enjoy – from little toddlers to seniors. The parks are for everybody. National Park on Marion Avenue is the most popular amongst students. The second most popular one is Austin Park. You can relax here, enjoy nature or even study if the weather is nice. Maybe you can find a nice college apartment near those parks.

Students having fun and dancing in the park
You can have all sorts of fun in parks.

Best outdoor activities in Morton Grove for students according to TripAdvisor

Morton Grove will soon be on the list of the best college towns. But there is more to do here besides studying. Sometimes the best you can do to explore what’s popular is to ask TripAdvisor. They showed us some amazing places if you want to explore Morton Grove’s greenery.

  1. Navy Pier is a very interesting amusement park that’s outside and full of great rides and things to explore (just be careful as you can get dizzy here)
  2. Wrigley Field is that very special place for all baseball fans

Morton Grove for students

As you well know, Morton Grove is a suburb of Chicago. That is a great situation for students because they are near a very great and busy city like Chicago but when they come home they enjoy all the perks that only suburbs can offer. We are talking about fresh air, great outdoor activities, and of course, they are much safer than big places like Chicago is. If you are planning to move to Morton Grove from Chicago (or any other place) make sure to call specialists to simplify the process of moving in and settling in.

More activities students will enjoy in Morton Grove

We already mentioned moving in here and we won’t talk a lot more about it. You have greatly skilled crews like who will gladly help you out with relocation. We can focus on activities you can explore here. If you like to play sports outside like softball and baseball you will love Harrer Park. This is not all you can do here. There is a pool also and sand volleyball. We especially liked the walking path and how soft it is to walk on.

Students having fun in the foreground and the sunset in the background.
Morton Grove has to offer activities for everyone.

The Instagram sensattion

If you like outdoor activities but also want to freshen up your Instagram account, make sure to check out Pioneer Park. You can achieve your perfect background here.