Manhattan, A Great Place For Studying In New York City.

Studying in New York City

It’s not easy to emphasize the size and diversity that New York City offers. For decades, it is considered to be the cultural and economic capital of the world. The biggest names in politics, arts, business, and entertainment found their home in this bustling city. However, that is not all that the Big Apple has to offer. Studying in New York City is a different story altogether.

The city is famous for its rich cultural and academic environment. That means that students can study pretty much any discipline or subject that they want. For international students, there are a few competitive colleges and institutions. Every one of them has different specialties and degree programs. In this article, we will introduce New York City to you and try to explain why you should consider studying there.

There are several top-ranked universities in New York

When you’re searching for U.S. colleges and universities, you will often be drawn to the top-ranked universities in the country. And there is nothing wrong with that, as these schools usually have the brightest students and offer the best education. Studying in one of these schools will also give you a boost when it comes to finding a job. However, it is important to choose the right college for you. Luckily, in New York City almost all of the universities are ranked in the top 10. These schools are at the forefront of innovation, research, and their students are usually the most successful.

Some of the top universities in New York City are:

  • New York University
  • Columbia University
  • Fordham University
  • The New School
  • The City University of New York
Library on a college.

Studying in New York City college will give you a boost when looking for a job later in life.

All cultures in one place are found in New York

If you are an international student that is thinking about studying in New York City, don’t worry. You won’t be the only one. In NYC universities there are a lot of foreign students and they are proud of that. On the other hand, this city has a long history of attracting immigrants from all over the world. So you can expect to see a lot of diversity on its streets.

To explain, New York’s social life and environment are built on a variety of cultures, languages, and histories all living together. That means that pretty much anyone fits in perfectly in the demographics of the Big Apple, and everyone who moves for college feels at home here.

Living in New York City as a college student

Here we come to a problem. New York has definitely deserved its reputation for being an extremely expensive city to live in. However, it is still one of the most popular places for students. And there is a reason for that. If you ever want to move to NYC, do it in your early 20s. You can choose and decide if you want to live in a dorm or you want to rent an apartment. If you choose the dorm, it will be cheaper for you, but you won’t have your own space. You’ll share a single room with a roommate and if you are ready for that, it is a valid option.

On the other hand, if you decide that you want to rent, prepare for an adventure. New York is not a cheap city and finding the right fit can take some time. Some people have moved near the city where the rents are cheap and then started their apartment hunt from there. This tactic proved itself worthy, so if you choose to go this route find local moving professionals in Greenwich and prepare for the hunt.

Dorm room.

Dorm life can be fun, but be prepared to not have much personal space.

Start your apartment search early

It is important to start your search early, as New York is known for its fast-paced real estate market. So, for the best chance of finding your ideal apartment, start two months prior to your move. If you are not ready to purchase or rent this early, at least do research to know what you can get for what kind of money. Make sure that you communicate with your real estate agent and that he or she understands your needs. Also, be sure to note any special requests if you have them. For instance, if you need assistance when transporting your piano be sure to bring that topic on.

Choose the right neighborhood

As we already mentioned, New York is many things, but it is not affordable. Especially when you’re a college student. Although it is hard to find a cheap apartment in New York, it is not impossible. There are a few student-friendly neighborhoods in this city from which you can benefit. And they are even located in Manhattan and Brooklyn. You can start your search at Morningside Heights, Washington Heights, Inwood, and Bed-Stuy. Your best bet would be to try and find a shared apartment with some other students to cut the expenses.

If you’re low on money but determined about studying in New York City, it’s not a bad idea to try and look for an apartment outside the city. If you decide to do so, Stamford has some great movers to offer you.

Bike on the street in front of houses.

Choosing the right neighborhood is crucial to be able to survive on your own in NYC as a student.

In New York, it’s easy to get around

One of the biggest problems when you move to another city or country is learning how to get from one place to another. Since you can forget about owning a car when moving to NYC, your focus should be on public transportation. The good thing about New York is that it has a reliable and fairly straightforward public transportation system. You’ll be able to easily navigate through the city without having to worry that you’ll miss your class or anything.

New York has something for everyone

The most special thing about this city is that whatever interests you, New York can offer it. Something is constantly happening in this town, and your studying in New York City will be filled with adventures. When exploring its streets you’ll see people producing an idea, designing a project, and starting a new community, all in one day. You can’t see that anywhere else in the world, can you?