Seattle Off-campus Living: A Complete Guide

Seattle off-campus living: a complete guide

Moving to college is one of the most exciting things in life. College life will be the best period in your life. You will get a higher education, meet new people, have fun with friends and if you have never lived alone before, this is a way to grow as a person and to be more responsible. Cooking, washing the clothes, grocery shopping, managing the budget – that will all be on you. If you are going to study in Emerald City and try Seattle off-campus living, then you probably need a guide.

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Move Into Your First College Apartment – A Complete Guide

Move into your first college apartment – a complete guide

If you wonder what it’s like to move into your first college apartment, you should know it’s a great feeling. Being able to experience that college life along with your other friends is definitely a thing to remember. However, there are a few things to go through. For instance, know why you should hire a realtor when buying your first apartment, along with other tips. In that case, stick with us to learn more.

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The Ultimate Guide To Change Of Address Process

The ultimate guide to change of address process

When starting your new life and moving to college you might consider an official change of address. If your college choice is far away from your home, this step will be necessary to make. It is recommended to do it sooner than later, at least two weeks before moving! Different services require different deadlines in providing the necessary paperwork. But have no fear, following a few easy steps will get you through it!

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