Moving In A Day Explained – NYC Edition

Moving in a day explained – NYC edition

Once upon a time, or during the 18th and 19th centuries, to be more precise, the entire New York City was moving in a day. But not in a way you might assume. May the 1st was the major moving day for all renters. It was a sort of unpleasant tradition with an arguable origin. Imagine the streets at that time. Impenetrable crowds blocking the way and intolerable noise filling the air. Thousands of people slowly dragging their belongings from one place to another. The repeating sound of horses beating the filthy cobblestone streets, and man carriages losing their luggage along the way. Everyone was rushing because everything needs to complete in 24 hours on the same day – that’s how was moving in a day explained once. And you think moving today is a hassle. Fortunately, it’s not like that anymore.

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