Budgeting Tips For College Students In San Francisco

Budgeting tips for college students in San Francisco

Living in San Francisco is not known as the most affordable living. In California, it is one of the most expensive cities. Being there as a student can be challenging because of its high prices. With some budgeting tips for college students in San Francisco, you will be able to manage the budget you have, no matter how tight it is. Most people say that college life is the best time of life, and it is.

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Student’s Guide To Moving To Saudi Arabia

Student’s guide to moving to Saudi Arabia

Moving to Saudi Arabia sounds very exotic – and it is. This is a whole new continent for you, and for students, it can be very challenging. But don’t worry, people are move here all the time and we will also share with you some tips and tricks, so when the day comes to move you will be fully prepared. We have gathered some other students’ experience too and we will show you what to consider first.

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Student-friendly Neighborhoods Of Chicago

Student-friendly neighborhoods of Chicago

Chicago is a city of opportunities. One of the most populous cities in the states, it is estimated to have around 2.7 million residents. With some of the best Universities in the USA, it is often a number one destination for students from all over the world to live and study. When it comes to those young people heading for Chicago, probably the most frequent question is – What are the most student-friendly neighborhoods of Chicago? Well, we are here to answer that for you.

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