Checklist - What To Take Care Of Before Movers Arrive?

What to take care of before movers arrive?

Just because you hired movers, doesn’t mean you don’t have to do anything. A lot of things still depend on you. Do you know what to take care of before movers arrive? And it’s not referring to packing. It’s referring to many other things that your movers simply can’t’ help you with. So, take the matters into your hands and ensure everything goes smoothly on your moving day. Here’s what to take care of before movers arrive.

Before the movers arrive you should clean

Once you used tips on how to pick the best moving company, and you book them, you must focus on things to take care of before they arrive. One of those things is cleaning. This may seem obvious, but many people forget to do it. Or they just don’t want to. However, you should take a sponge, a bucket of water, some chemicals and start wiping. Your furniture must be spotless. This way, your possessions won’t be at any risk of damage. A clean house is a safe house.

Clean Rag - What to take care of before movers arrive?

What to take care of before movers arrive? Well, start with cleaning.

What to take care of before movers arrive if you didn’t opt for packing services

Before movers arrive, make sure you pack every single box. As you know, movers charge by the hour. So, if they come to your home, and find out that half of your items are still to be packed, they must wait. That could negatively reflect on your final moving price. And your goal is to spend less, not more. Because of this, make sure the last box is neatly sealed the night before your move. That means you must start packing on time. So, first, you need to gather packing supplies and different types of moving boxes. You can use the ultimate guide to buying cheap moving boxes & supplies for that. 

Take care of kids and pets

Children and pets bring extra chaos into an already messy situation. So, find a babysitter to take care of your little ones. And, when it comes to pets, any grown person can watch them for a few hours. But, that person needs to be away from the chaos that moving brings. So, if they are inside the house, which should be the last option, they must be out of the way. 

Take care of the parking situation

Parking creates a lot of trouble and problems on a moving day. Your neighbors can complain about you taking an inch of their parking space. That will make you even more nervous and agitated. So, you must communicate the situation with both your neighbors and the moving company. Fully inform everyone because there is no room for error on this day. Remember, the closer the moving truck is to your home, the easier it will be for your movers to maneuver around.

Parking Sign

Work out the parking situation.

Take measurements

It’s essential to plan an appropriate escape route out of your home. So, measure the doors and see if your furniture can fit through them. Also, find out if they can fit along narrow corridors, sharp turns, and steep staircases. Once you found the easiest way to take your items out, make sure the path is clear and safe.