A Woman Reading About Working With A Pet-friendly Real Estate Agent On Her Laptop With A Dog Sleeping By Her Side.

The benefits of working with a pet-friendly real estate agent

Promoting your property as a place perfect for animal companions will help you sell it faster. In a country where six out of ten households have at least one pet, it’s clear why many people would choose a home that welcomes pets. Whether you’re part of the growing number of pet-owning households, you can’t deny that working with a pet-friendly real estate agent offers you a leg up on the competition. You’re probably already familiar with your home’s pet-friendly features if you have pets of your own. Yet, in the competitive real estate market of today, it isn’t nearly enough to make your property stand out. A real estate agent who understands your desire to accommodate your pet is essential.

Why hire a pet-friendly real estate agent

The average person doesn’t keep a dog, cat, hamster, or fish as a pet. Therefore it’s no secret that pet owners have a somewhat different mindset. The truth is that they, too, are searching for a unique dwelling. When they see your dog door in your custom-built kitchen, they’ll probably think it’s a mistake that needs fixing. That’s why your real estate agent must be pet-friendly. An experienced real estate agent in the pet-friendly housing market may look at your property and make a list of the features that will appeal to those looking for a place to raise pets. They will aid you in highlighting the advantages and may even provide suggestions for tweaks that may yield a disproportionately large profit.

A dog lying on the porch.
A pet-friendly real estate agent will help you list the features that will appeal to those looking for a place to raise their pet.

They are aware of which factors to take out

A pet-friendly real estate agent understands that while you could be proudly displaying images of your pets and be so used to your cat/dog paraphernalia that you scarcely even notice it, potential buyers want to be able to see themselves living in your home, not you. Room by room, this kind of real estate agent may assess what needs to be done to highlight your home’s greatest features while downplaying its less desirable characteristics, such as dog bowls, an abundance of dog toys, and stains or lingering aromas.

There is nothing more off-putting to potential buyers than the scent of dogs in a house. If you’re looking for ways to make and keep your home odor-free, your pet-friendly real estate agent may point you in the right direction.

A dog sleeping.
There is nothing more off-putting to potential buyers than the scent of dogs in a house.

They are sensitive to the concerns of pet owners

Some have argued that it takes one to know one. This rings especially true when looking for a pet-friendly real estate agent. Let’s be honest: every broker worth their salt understands how to make a property seem its best with a little bit of staging. It’s not easy to envision all the ways a house may be improved to make it more comfortable for Fido and his family if you’ve never lived with a pet. Home improvements don’t have to be major to have a significant impact. Small additions can go a long way!

A pet-friendly real estate agent will break it down room by room

It’s always a good idea to get an expert’s opinion. If you need help with a project, it’s best to choose a professional with experience in the field. Someone who can also give you moving tips for pet owners when moving to your new dwelling and instruct you on how to get your pet there safely. If you’re trying to sell your property, it helps to have someone on your side who understands you and your motivations. It’s important to be cautious because it’s your own money at stake.

A pet-friendly real estate agent will offer advice on how to make your house more appealing to buyers with animals. They will review your home room by room and advise you on how to maximize its potential. A real estate agent who is pet-friendly could recommend the following modifications to the following spaces.


Pet owners may more easily see their pets relaxing in the bedroom with the addition of small details. For example, a dog bed at the foot of the bed or an extraordinarily soft and cozy rug put in a strategic spot. These are easy ways to make your home more pet-friendly. Where their pets will sleep is a significant issue for many pet owners. More and more people are deciding to let their dogs sleep in their beds. And, if you know how much room you have, you can better accommodate your pet’s needs.


A yard enclosed by a fence is a must-have for households with pets. Including a sand and gravel toilet area may raise the value of your property significantly. A pet-friendly backyard design is a big plus! Potential buyers will pay close attention to how well-maintained your yard is. If you want your yard to look its best during open houses, but you also have pets, your pet-friendly real estate agent will advise you on where to keep them during the viewings.

Living room

Your pet-friendly real estate agent will likely recommend that you pack up all your pet’s toys first. Furthermore, crates must be hidden away in the basement or outside of sight. Remove any signs of pet clutter from the area.

However, everything a pet has “damaged” must be removed carefully. Damage caused by pets’ teeth, nails, or other means should prompt a trip to the repair shop. If not, maybe you should get rid of the object altogether. Things that have been discolored should be thoroughly cleaned or replaced.

A dog on a sofa.
Everything a pet has damaged must be removed carefully.


A lot of unsightly pet supplies tend to end up in the kitchen. This is because the kitchen is a high-traffic area of the house. Litter boxes, feeding dishes, and the like should be hidden or eliminated. Buyers understand these items are essential in a property with pets, but they prefer not to be reminded of them.

Having a pet-friendly real estate agent is a smart decision

Working with a pet-friendly real estate agent who is both knowledgeable about the market and empathetic toward pets is a win-win situation for both the buyer and seller. With some little improvements and smart advertising, your house may quickly become someone else’s refuge.