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The best colleges in Kansas in 2020

If you are a future student, but you still are not sure which of many excellent colleges in Kansas is a perfect choice for you, then you are in the right place. Choosing a college is never an easy thing to do. Surely, you need to take many things into consideration. And, if going to college also means separating from your family and living alone for the very first time in your life, then it can be very stressful. However, you must know that going to college and living alone or with roommates can be the most exciting experience. Here, you will find some great colleges in Kansas. One of them can easily be just the right thing for you. Therefore, start making your pros and cons list for each of these educational institutions.

Baker University

The first on our list is Baker University. This is a private university. It is great for all young people who love liberal arts. Moreover, it consists of four schools. The first one is the College of Arts and Sciences. Then, there is the School of Education. The third school is the School of Professional and Graduate Studies. Finally, if you are interested there is also a Nursing School. Since you are moving from your family home for the very first time, you should have some help. But first, you should create a list of all the things you need to do in order to relocate efficiently.

A student.
Baker University is an excellent choice for young people.

MidAmerica Nazarene University is one of the best colleges in Kansas

The next institution with excellent educational opportunities is MidAmerica Nazarene University. It is located in Olathe. This is actually a liberal arts college. So, if you are interested in studying there and you are also from this place it can be a perfect option for you. Moreover, if you want to leave your parent’s home and live separately, it can be a special life experience for you. Definitely, that step will help you grow and become a mature and self-dependent person. In addition, a local move is not so difficult. You can always count on your friends and relatives for help if you need anything, like packing assistance for example. In addition, since this is your first relocation, you can also hire moving experts from Professional Moving & Storage.

University of Kansas

The main campus of the University of Kansas is located in Lawrence. We have to mention that tuition for this university is not so expensive. In case you choose this university, then you should start preparing for your college relocation. We advise you to make a plan and start packing as soon as possible. Moreover, you should try to find some cardboard boxes for free. So, check your basement or attic and see what you can find there. Maybe you even have some old newspapers that you can use for the packing of your fragile items. But, for that, you will also need bubble wrap. In case you cannot find any boxes that you can use, go to a local library or supermarket. There you can ask the employees if they have some cardboard boxes that they do not need and have to throw away. Do not hesitate to ask them this question, and you can also explain what you need them for.

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Tuition for the University of Kansas is affordable.

Wichita State University

Then, we have Wichita State University. It is located in Wichita and it has excellent programs. Some of them are history, engineering, psychology, philosophy, business, political sciences, sociology, social work, and many more. In 2020, it is very important to mention that this university can be finished online. Since we are living in a time of global coronavirus pandemic, this online option is crucial for many people. Also, online courses are an excellent solution, especially for people with social anxiety.

Barclay College is a great college in Kansas

Barclay College is a private college. It is located in Haviland. Also, it is important to mention that it has to offer many scholarships to its students. Moreover, its courses are not easy, but they are worth the time you spend studying. So, if you are a responsible young person, maybe you should think about enrolling there. Since you will be moving soon, you should consider selling some things that you do not need anymore, like some old toys. It will be best to do it online. In that way, you will not be in danger of infecting with coronavirus. If you do this, you will have some more money with you when you start your classes.

Barclay College is one of the best colleges in Kansas.
Barclay College can offer many scholarships to future students.

Sterling College is one of the good colleges in Kansas

Sterling College is also a private educational institution. Moreover, it is an evangelical college and it is concerned with liberal arts. Importantly, it has a new online program. Interestingly, this college in Kansas also has online classes during summer. That can be very helpful to new students.

Kansas State University

We also have Kansas State University. It has online programs that are affordable for parents. If you happen to be interested in education, business, design, arts, or technology, then you can easily choose this university.

Newman University is one of the excellent colleges in Kansas

This is a catholic university. It is also private. If you like nursing, business, or theology, in 2020 you can study them online. Importantly, Newman University has to offer affordable tuition with discounts.

University Of Saint Mary

The University of Saint Mary is an excellent choice for girls. Like all the other universities on our list, it also has excellent online programs. If you are interested in studying this university, you should definitely check it out.