A Street In One Of The Student-friendly Neighborhoods In NYC

The most student-friendly neighborhoods in NYC

Everybody knows that living in NYC has a lot of benefits. One of them is definitely studying in New York City. Not only that you will get a quality education, but the chances to stay and work in NYC after college are really huge. So, if you are thinking about should you study in the Big Apple, the answer is that you should definitely. In this article, we would like to present to you some of the most student-friendly neighborhoods in this city. This will also help you to get a better image and to know what to expect from living in this magnificent city.

A list of the most student-friendly neighborhoods in NYC

New York City is one of the biggest in the USA and the population is over 8 million people. So, living in New York City as a student is definitely going to be really exciting and beautiful. Let us present to you a list of the best places for students in the Big Apple:

  • Washington Heights.
  • Astoria, Queens.
  • Brooklyn is one of the most student-friendly neighborhoods in the Big Apple.
  • The Bronx.

Keep in mind that all these neighborhoods are suitable for students and that you can adapt to each of them really fast and with ease. Still, let us give you a better image of these neighborhoods, so you can make the right decision.

Washington Heights

The first one from this list is Washington Heights. This student-friendly neighborhood is located in Upper Manhattan. An interesting fact is that even if this neighborhood is located in Manhattan, you can find affordable prices for renting. Also, most residents in this neighborhood are students. It means that making friends after moving for a college is not going to be a problem at all. In Washington Heights, you can expect that you will find a lot of outdoor activities, meet interesting people and that you will have many other benefits. Be sure that in this neighborhood you will never be bored and you will always have something to do.

Astoria, Queens

Speaking about Astoria, this is also one of the most student-friendly neighborhoods. In Astoria, most residents are students and you can find affordable prices for renting. Even if the buildings are older, they are still functional and suitable for a living. Astoria also offers many outdoor activities, such as bars, restaurants, museums, cultural events, and many other places that you can visit in your free time. Also, public transportation is functional and making your way downtown is a simple thing. If you decide to relocate to Astoria, be sure that you are going to love living in this neighborhood. So, once you are ready to leave the nest and move to this beautiful neighborhood, just be open-minded and you are going to enjoy it!

A building in Astoria, one of the most student-friendly neighborhoods in NYC.
Astoria is known for having affordable prices.

Brooklyn is one of the most student-friendly neighborhoods in the Big Apple

When we talk about Brooklyn, we have to admit that almost every neighborhood in this borough is suitable for students. Not only that living in Brooklyn have a lot of opportunities, but the prices are affordable and you can find suitable places for a living in this borough. In Brooklyn, you also have some colleges, so most residents in this borough are students. Another great benefit is that Brooklyn is known for having a lot of reliable moving options. It means that making local relocation in Brooklyn is going to be a simple thing. You just have to find experts in this area and you can be sure that you will organize your local relocation in the simplest and easiest way.

Apartments in Brooklyn.
In Brooklyn, you will find affordable prices for renting.

There are also reliable storage options

Since we have mentioned the moving process, another thing that you should know about Brooklyn is that there are reliable storage options. It means that if at some point you are looking for extra space where you will keep your belongings safe and secure, you can find suitable storage options. One of the options that you should consider is contacting the Movage Moving company and ask this company to provide you with storage services. In this way, you will not have to worry about the safety of your belongings and you can be sure that all of them will be safe and secure.

The Bronx

Finally, we have to put the Bronx on the list of the most student-friendly neighborhoods. This borough has a lot of neighborhoods and it is known for having affordable costs, outdoor activities, good prices for renting, and many other benefits. One of the neighborhoods that are known as suitable for students is Fordham. This neighborhood has affordable prices, it is near the zoo in the Bronx, and there are many outdoor activities that you can find in this area. So, living in the Bronx as a student is definitely a good option. Just organize your move to New York City on a budget and you will not have to worry about anything.

Neighborhood in Bronx.
There are neighborhoods in the Bronx for students!

Find a roommate when choosing some of these student-friendly neighborhoods

No matter which of these neighborhoods you are going to choose, remember that finding a roommate is a good idea. In this way, you will separate the bills with someone, separate the housework together, and do other things. On the other hand, you will not feel lonely and it is good to have somebody during your first period of adaption. Just remember that there are things to think through before finding a roommate. So, find a roommate and move into your new apartment with ease!


To summarize, all these student-friendly neighborhoods are suitable for a living! Be sure that no matter which of them you choose, you will adapt with ease and in no time. Each of these neighborhoods offers a quality lifestyle, affordable prices, and a lot of outdoor activities for students. Once you make a decision, organize your relocation process properly and move to some of these neighborhoods!