Niagara Falls

The ultimate guide to life in Niagara Falls

Have you ever thought about living in the majestic Niagara Falls? That is, in the Niagara Falls Region? If you are, well you are certainly not the only one! Niagara Falls Region is becoming more and more popular for expats from all over the world. And why is that? Because of the great quality of life, affordability, top-notch education, and health systems, plenty of housing options, mesmerizing landscapes and many great outdoor activities. What more can you ask for? Nothing really. Life in Niagara Falls is pretty great, no doubt about that. Thus, if you plan on turning a new leaf of life and moving to Niagara Falls anytime soon, keep on reading. Here is our ultimate guide to life in Niagara Falls.

Weather Conditions

Yes, maybe the weather is not the key thing that makes people call and move from one part of the world to another, but still, it is worth mentioning. So, what are the weather conditions in the Niagara Falls Region, Canada? Well, let us begin by saying that this region is a large one. To be precise, it spreads between two Great Lakes — Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. Thus, weather conditions tend to vary throughout the year. The highest temperatures are during summer, of course, and they usually go up to 30’C. And, during the winter period, they can go as low as -20’C. Moreover, here you can experience all four seasons as well.

Four seasons
Do not believe in rumors about Canadian endless winters. Canada is a land of four seasons.

Niagara Falls Municipalities

As previously mentioned, this Niagara Falls Region is situated on a vast land. And, that land offers something for everybody. Yes, there is a place for those searching for adventure, for those searching for peace and quiet, and also for those looking for fun and all the excitement that urban life brings. Here, you can find charming picturesque cities and those bigger metropolitan-like cities. As you can see, there is more to this region than those majestic falls. That is something you are probably interested in if you plan on living here, not just visiting.

Thus, when it comes to living, where can you actually settle? Well, you will have plenty of options – 12 to be exact. Niagara Falls Region has 12 municipalities – West Lincoln, Welland, Wainfleet, Thorold, St. Catharines, Port Colborne, Pelham, Niagara Falls, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Lincoln, Grimsby, and Fort Erie.

Working in Niagara Falls

You have probably already heard that most people move to Canada in search of a better job, a bigger salary, and overall better living conditions. Yes, that is true for the Niagara Falls Region too! However, finding a job is not as easy as it was a couple of decades ago. But, do not worry! It is far from impossible, as long as you are informed and prepared. Thus, do your homework first! That is, know which occupations are wanted in this particular reason and see whether you have the knowledge and skills for them. For instance, in the Niagara Falls Region, some of the most wanted job positions are in the following sectors:

  • Health care and social services
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Business, finance, and administration

So, if you have proper education, knowledge, and skills for some of these occupations, you will have nothing to worry about. Contact the companies in advance, send your cover letter and CV, and of course, prepare to ace that interview! Moreover, do not forget to prepare the best and the most professional interview attire too!

A businesswoman jumping.
Niagara Falls Region has a thriving economy and it is constantly looking for new talents.

The Real Estate Market

When it comes to Canada and Niagara Falls, moving is easy and stress-free. But, before you actually move there, you must find your new home first. So, what are your plans? Do you plan on renting or buying a property in Niagara Falls Region? This, of course, should depend on your needs and budget. Thus, if you plan on living in the Niagara Falls Region for a longer period of time and have a stable job, it would be a much better idea to invest in a property. The median house value is currently between $300,000 and $400,000, depending on the location and square footage. But, be careful as the price is constantly on the rise! However, if you are not sure how long will you live here, it is a much better idea to rent your home. On average, you would need around $600 for a one-bedroom apartment. 

A person holding keys.
In Niagara Falls you can find anything from family homes to studio apartments.

If you never lived in Canada before, you should get help from a real estate agent. Trust us, a real estate agent is worth partnering with.  He or she will help you find your dream home in no time. Just make sure you do some market research beforehand and write down all your needs as well as the budget. And of course, if you are moving soon, you should know how to protect yourself from coronavirus when moving.

Studying in Niagara Falls

And, whether you plan on finishing your education here, or planning to enroll your children, you will have nothing to worry about. The Niagara Falls Region is full of schools for children of all ages. Yes, it will be easy to find preschools, primary, secondary and high schools in safe districts. What is more, this region is home to Niagara College and Brock University, both of which offer great programs. There is even a night school for adults who want to learn new skills or refresh the old ones.  So yes, here you will have no problems with schools and the education system.