Things most students forget when moving out of their dorm rooms

Moving out of their dorm rooms can be very stressful for students. This was like a home to them and plenty of their belongings are here in the dorm so it’s perfectly normal to feel a bit overwhelmed when the time comes to move out. We are here to guide you through it so you don’t forget or miss anything.

The big and the the small items

Sometimes students make a mistake and start packing big household items like furniture first. Don’t do this, the chair is simply too big to forget. Start with small and breakable items. That way they won’t get lost while you are packing and they will be secured.

moving boxes
Start by packing small and breakable items so they don’t get lost.

Documents and keys

These are the most common things students forget to pack when they are moving out of their dorm rooms. So pack all your important papers, wallet, keys, meds, and make sure they are near you along the way.

“To go” bag

For moving day you will be needing a bag full of necessities for the road so you don’t have to stop often along the way. Here is a list of some basic items you should have in your “to go” bag :

  • water and drinks
  • food and snacks
  • wet wipes
  • hand sanitizer
  • spare clothes
  • medications in case you use some
  • keys and important documents

You can add anything you feel like you might need along the way.

How can students stay organized when moving out of their dorm rooms

The only way is to start packing and preparing on time. If you are doing this in a hurry chances are you will forget some things. You can start by making lists or you can download moving apps to help you out. Whatever works for you, it’s just a matter of staying on top of this packing game. If you feel like this might be too much for you, you can hire professional movers. They can help you with packing and relocation too. So, you have this option as well.

local movers can help students with moving out of their dorm rooms
Don’t hesitate to call them, they can be a great help.

Hiring movers

The cheaper option is to do it on your own or ask friends to help you out, but this is a safer and quicker option too. Many students do this while moving out of their dorm rooms in order to do this efficiently. So research local movers and give them a call. That way you will be sure that nothing is left out and all your belongings will be transported safely. Also, you will be avoiding heavy lifting which is always a plus especially during summer relocations. Here is one more tip for you – most movers will give you a free moving estimate so you will be able to plan your budget ahead and won’t be surprised at the end.