Jersey City Skyline At Night

Things to do in Jersey City with friends

There are plenty of things to do in Jersey City. If you have friends coming over, we will give you a list of things you need to show them. We will also show you what you need to see and explore especially if you are just moving to this city because if you already lived here you wouldn’t be researching things to do in Jersey City. That’s why we are here to help.

Tourist attractions in Jersey City

  • Liberty State Park
  • Liberty Science Center
  • Ellis Island
  • Mana Contemporary
  • Central Railroad of New Jersey Terminal
Jersey City at night.
The list of the exciting things to do in Jersey City is considerably long.

Those are the top sights of Jersey City and everyone who comes here (even if it’s just for a weekend) should check those out. Liberty State Park is a great place where you can relax with your friends especially if the weather is nice. Liberty Science Center is a great place where you and your friends can have fun and learn something new. This is one of the best college towns so you will find plenty of young people to hang out with.

If you are moving

If you just relocated to Jersey City and can’t wait to start exploring this great city, we have a tip for you – find a skilled team ready to help you to unpack and settle in quickly and then you can start exploring this city and find new friends.

Things to do in Jersey City (tours)

Here are some of the best tours we found for you. You can meet new friends on those tours or you can bring friends along :

  • Hoboken Scavenger Hunt (Hoboken Harbor and History) – 2 hours tour
  • Skyline Tour of New York City – 4 hours tour
  • Statue of Liberty Tour – 6 hours tour

Even though this is one of the peaceful places in New Jersey there is so much to do here. You will never be bored.

Best places for foodies

If you are a fan of street food Ghost Truck Kitchen and Taqueria Downtown will blow your mind. In case you prefer fine dining you should check out Satis Bistro or Madam Claude. If you can’t wait to start trying out Jersey City’s famous food call so they can speed things up and you can start exploring their culinary scene.

delicious food served at a restaurant.
Foodies will enjoy Jersey City.

More things to do in Jersey City with your friends (or family)

Vintage lovers will be delighted to visit Another Mans Treasure shop. White Eagle Hall hosts the best concert, check their website and see if they have any concerts you might like soon. In July, August, and September you will have some amazing street festivals.