Clothing In Suitcases.

Tips and hints for preparing your summer clothes for storage

Do you want a safe space for your clothing and shoes and you do not have enough place in your house for all that items? One of the options you can choose is to rent a storage unit in your city. Preparing your summer clothes for storage is not a too complicated process, but, having a guide and some simple tips may help you a lot.

Storing, but where?

Of course, you can store summer clothing in your basement too. But, also, you will need to pack everything properly anyway. Prepare your closet for a new season and keep all your other clothing and shoes safe.

When a new year comes, you can play with styles and your favorite clothing will not be ruined. But first, you need to learn how to pack and organize them.

A girl sitting on grass.
Summer is over and now you need to put away clothing you were wearing for the entire season and to prepare for winter

No matter what the reason for renting a storage unit is, you should secure your storage and you do not have to worry about the safety of your possessions.

Reasons for renting a storage unit

As we mentioned before, storage units are the option when it comes to storing items. Why do people rent a storage unit? What are the benefits? Storing off-season clothing is not the only reason for renting a storage facility.

  • When moving, renting a storage unit is common.
  • Providing more space in home.
  • Keep vehicles safe in the off-season.
  • During home renovation.
  • To store a loved one’s belongings.
  • To empty a dorm room because there are many benefits of self-storage for college students.
  • Keeping businesses inventory organized.

Preparing your summer clothes for storage

Where to start and what will you need for storing all your off-season (summer) clothing? Start with preparing summer clothes for storage with these simple steps and you have nothing to worry about.

Gather proper packing supplies

The first step is to have enough packing supplies and storage bins for all your summer clothing. Where will you put all the clothing? Having the right containers are essential because storage bins are one of the best solutions for packing and storing items.

A walk-in closet.
If you do not have enough space in your closet or home for off-season items, you can rent a storage unit near your home

Having quality storage bins will protect your clothing from dust, dirt, humidity, and pests. Also, make sure to have enough boxes and you don’t have to overpack them.

Sort clothes

Make categories – for example, sort beach wear, formal clothing, pajamas, etc. Put them in piles and this way, you will have organized clothes. Also, declutter. Do not keep clothing that you won’t wear anymore. You can donate instead, or just throw them away. Ask yourself, do you really need that item. If you did not wear it for a long period of time, you won’t probably wear it again.

Consider organizing a garage sale if you have a lot of unnecessary items. Not only clothing but if you have furniture, decoration, appliances you do not use. That is also an option if you want to get rid of some items.

Don’t use vacuum bags

Vacuum bags are a good technique if you want to save space, but it has some downsides. Vacuum bags can ruin your clothing because they will spend about 6 months in there.

If you fold and organize items, you will be able to save space without vacuum bags. Explore companies that may offer you the best supplies for packing such as and you won’t have a problem.

Wash and dry

Before putting your summer clothes in boxes and bins, wash and dry them. Make sure they are completely dry because moisture can damage clothing. It is part of preparing your summer clothes for storage you should not avoid or skip.

Moving boxes for preparing your summer clothes for storage.
Collect the right packing supplies for storing all your clothing during the wintertime and make sure items will not be damaged

Keep in mind that stains may attract bugs. If you do not want to ruin clothing, spend some time washing it. Pest-proof your storage too and there will be no place for little bugs and pests to make problems.

How to clean different fabrics?

Different fabrics are cleaning differently. This step is one of the most important when preparing your season clothes for storage. Not only the summer clothing but again when you will store winter clothing too.

  • Cotton is thin and breathable, perfect for summer. To clean and store cotton clothing properly use cold water to prevent shrinkage and use low heat to dry it. When washing white cotton, see if you can add chlorine bleach first.
  • Linen is also a good material for summer. But, for storing, use a plastic container because it will keep the bugs out.
  • Bathing suits are par of summer clothing of course. Use mild dishwashing detergent for washing women’s and children’s bathing suits. Men’s swimsuits can be washed in the washing machine because the fabric is not the same.

Label boxes when preparing your summer clothes for storage

To have organized storage, you should label all boxes. So, you will know what is inside without opening the box. This will save you a lot of time and nerves. Use a black, waterproof marker to label each box. Some people create an inventory list to be more organized. Especially if they are storing more than just summer clothing.

There’s nothing like safe storage

As you can see, preparing your summer clothes for storage is not that hard. With some simple steps, you will save space in your closet for winter clothing (it takes more space than summer clothing), and your home will be open and decluttered. Spend a day cleaning and you will see what difference this will make in your home.