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Tips for cleaning and disinfecting your dorm room before moving in

Before you know it, a new college year will be right around the corner. While in college your summers are tremendously fun, and they go by in a blink of an eye. However, this summer started on a very unusual note for all of us. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many college students had to finish their semester from home while attending online classes. Everybody and everything was greatly disrupted by this unpredictable virus. So, at the moment the future is unpredictable. But, sooner or later we will have to continue living our lives. For many college students, this would imply moving back on campus in your dorm rooms. When that happens cleaning and disinfecting your dorms space will be your number one priority.

Cleaning and disinfecting are known as one of the best preventions from catching coronavirus

Many college students have moved back into their parent’s place when the COVID-19 pandemic started to take a toll. Soon it will be time to leave the nest once again. The best possible prevention from the virus is social distancing. The next best prevention method is keeping your hygiene on point. This goes for both your personal hygiene as well as the hygiene of your living space. You want your dorm room to shine bright like a  diamond every single day. That is why cleaning and disinfecting need to be a priority. Your health and safety must come first.

Mask, gloves and sanitizer placed together.

While working on your living space, do not forget to pay attention to your personal hygiene. Your hands must be frequently washed or disinfected.

Cleaning vs. disinfecting

Before we dive deeper into this topic, you should know that these two things aren’t the same. After you arrive at your college dorms, you will want to unpack. But, the first thing is first. Before unpacking your college stuff, take care of other business. Cleaning will cover removing all contaminants from surfaces. This will be followed by disinfecting. While disinfecting you will focus on killing pathogens. As you can see there is a big difference between the two and both activities should be performed daily.

Cleaning your dorm room

When cleaning your college room, you should wear disposable gloves. Use soap and water and thoroughly clean everything. If you are using cleaning supplies that aren’t soap, make sure you follow the instructions provided by the product manufacturer. Whenever moving into the dorms, you will bring basic cleaning supplies. Now it is time to step up your cleaning game with additional cleaning items. Don’t be surprised if this causes pressure on your moving budget. So, make sure that you have the moving budget set up in advance and that new costs are included.

Disinfecting your college room

When moving to college disinfecting doesn’t start once you have arrived in your dorm room. For special requests when moving in CA, make sure you ask your college movers about extra disinfection of their vehicles and other tools that they use during the relocation process.

Disinfection spray being sprayed on a surface.

When disinfecting you can use spray and wipes. They are both equally efficient.

As far as your room goes, this is the step that follows the cleaning. It is important that you specifically follow instructions that are marked on labels of disinfecting products. Otherwise, you might create health issues for yourself or you might damage the surface that you are taking care of. Also, ventilation is a big concern. Make sure that the space you are cleaning has great ventilation. Avoid inhaling the product at all cause.

Cleaning soft surfaces within your college home

Once you are done with cleaning and disinfecting the hard surfaces, it is time to cover all the soft surfaces. Surely you have some chairs or sofas in your room or your dorm suite. Maybe you even packed some things and brought them on your own. How can you pack for college without packing your favorite lazy bag? All surface items can be cleaned with water and soap. Make sure you use soaps that are specifically meant to be used on such surfaces. Follow the manufacturer’s guidance to avoid damaging your items.

Hiring college movers

At the moment, hiring movers might be frowned upon, because of social distancing. However, some experts do expect the intensity of coronavirus to die down. If that happens, hiring movers to relocate you will carry a much lower risk. If you are looking for movers that you can trust to handle your college move, contact Good Neighbors Moving Company LA. While experienced professionals handle your move, you can concentrate all your time and efforts on cleaning and disinfecting your dorm room. Hiring college movers is truly a great investment from many different perspectives.

Best disinfecting items to use during the COVID-19 pandemic

There are many disinfecting items that you might come across. Yet, not all of them are effective in fighting this vicious virus. On many packages, it will be clearly indicated that the item at hand kills coronavirus. If you do not know what you should purchase before your college move, here are some ideas. These items will be your confidant during this COVID-19 fight:

  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Disincentive wipes – Clorox and Lysol
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Sprays such as Purell, Clorox, Lysol, etc.
A mask and disposable gloves.

During cleaning and disinfecting always wear disposable gloves. A mask is always a great addition to your protection kit.

Current deficit in cleaning and disinfecting supplies

Unfortunately, empty shelves in stores are a very common sight. While some people are overbuying, there is a deficit in supply, which leaves many emptyhanded. The good news is that there are recipes for homemade disinfecting supplies.

If you are lacking disinfecting supplies, you can try this homemade recipe

Take 4 teaspoons of household bleach and mix it with a quarter of water. This mixture should be poured into a bottle and aggressively shaken. Once that is done spray on surfaces that you would like to disinfect and let it sit for a while.

This homemade mixture shouldn’t be mixed with other disinfection supplies. Also, it is advisable to always wear gloves when cleaning or disinfecting.

Be disciplined and persistent

Before moving in your things into your dorm room it is important to take precautions and pay close attention to hygiene. Cleaning and disinfecting of your dorm space should be done before moving in, but the diligence shouldn’t stop there. Surfaces that are frequently used should be maintained daily. If you do not have some supplies, do not use it as an excuse to stop your good habits. Continue to clean with soap and water until you gather supplies that you are missing. Stay safe and take care of yourself and the people you share your space with.