How To Hire College Student Movers?

Tips for hiring affordable college student movers

Many of you might think that there are no other but affordable college student movers. Well, in terms of the price, the most of you would be probably completely right. But, let’s think about the word ‘affordable’ for a moment. It does take the price into consideration. Only, the price isn’t the only factor. Someone saying that something is affordable means that it’s quality, but you can afford it. The same stands for the movers from colleges. Therefore, many or all of college movers are cheap. But not all of them are affordable college student movers. There are many reasons why we say this, and we’re writing this article as your guide to hiring top quality college student moving services you can afford. Read on and prevent the potential troubles with your relocation.

Movers from the college, are they reliable enough?

What to be careful about when searching for affordable college student movers?

The mistakes to avoid when looking for affordable college student movers

The first question you should ask yourself before hiring any moving company. And especially the moving company consisting of college students. Why? Well, first, they are just kids looking for some extra money. It doesn’t guarantee they provide quality services, or whether or not they’re gonna remain in the industry. So, why would you assume they are reliable by default? We suggest not to. In fact, there are some unreliable college student movers, and the movers you shouldn’t trust your relocation in no case. To find out if some college students moving company is affordable and not cheap, do the thorough background check:

  • Do they have a license? Take this friendly advice: Hire only the movers owning a license.
  • What are previous customers’ experiences? How were they satisfied with the service quality?
  • Were there any frauds, scams, or troubles those movers are accused of? Affordable college student movers are non-fraudulent movers. Make sure you’re not dealing with the moving fraud.
  • Are they too cheap? Yes, there is such a term as too cheap, and you should run away from it.
  • Do they provide you with a binding offer? This is the price the movers guarantee you’ll pay after the relocation is over.
  • Are you provided with the moving insurance? Without insurance, the risk is just too big.

Is the license necessary?

If you want to be completely sure of your safety, then yes. This doesn’t guarantee you that the worker from college moving company won’t trick you somehow, but it means that the company implements the standards and procedures issued by the government. So the possibility of getting scammed is reduced comparing to non-licensed college moving deals.

The reviews tell you whether or not it’s a quality college student moving company

There are various places where you can find them. Some companies have the section on their websites, while other don’t. But, if that’s a regular moving company, no matter if it hires the college students, there should be some place on the web where you should be able to find the previous experiences. And this is where you get to know if those are affordable college student movers, or the cheap moving company consisting of college students not caring about the service quality.

Fraud accusations- take them seriously

In terms of walking away from the company that was accused of a fraud. If you have any information that the guys tried to scam somebody, what possible other decision might be on your mind? Don’t run into a trap voluntarily. Be careful in particular with the offers seeming too good to be true. They mostly are. There are so many moving scams. Even among the moving companies consisting of college students. So be very careful.

Too cheap college student movers call for a caution

When something's cheap it's very often of low quality

Cheap and low-quality are almost synonyms

Let’s have an example. If you’re looking for help for moving to Florida, and you live in NYC, you wouldn’t be expecting the price of a few hundred dollars, would you? And what if all the moving companies give you some regular offer, of several thousand dollars, and some moving and storage Miami company offer the price many times lower than the others. Would you accept it and sign the contract? I mean, there are affordable movers (btw, if you’re moving to Florida, contact Orange moving and storage Miami), but too cheap is almost always a bad thing. Yes, you get the picture, saying no is a normal answer. The same stands even when moving locally and looking to hire low-cost college student home moving professionals. Have several offers and remove those too low. Or, at least, ask how they can offer such an affordable price.

A binding offer guarantees the price you pay

This is the offer you get after having your home inspected by the moving professionals from college student moving and storage company. After they visit the house, they have a picture of your relocation size and the potential difficulties. The reasonable thing then is providing you with the binding offer, containing all the details about your move, and the price for their services. I know you’re looking for a college student relocation pros on a budget, but pay attention to every detail, make sure everything is in the contract, and that there are no additional things you might pay for. If anything is missing, or anything is added, as for an explanation why. If, on the other hand, the company refuses to give you a binding estimate, just find another moving company!

Are you insured by college student moving experts?

The affordable college student movers not providing you with the moving insurance out you, your family and your belongings at risk. Although there is some mandatory insurance guaranteed, you should pay attention what is covered by it. Because, by the basic insurance, you get the compensation by the weight. Imagine if you had some super-expensive flat screen tv and it breaks du

Search for affordable college moving professionals only after making sure if the safety

Take care of the safety first, and only then look for affordable college moving professionals

ring the transportation. Given that the flat TVs are very light, would a couple of bucks solve the problem?

Be careful when hiring affordable college student movers

The most of those companies hire decent people, providing high-quality moving services, but there are always the exceptions from the rule. Beware of those exceptions. Prevent moving troubles rather than being forced to solve them. Some of them could have no other solution but forcing you to pay extra money. Being that you might have your belongings kept as a hostage until you pay a price many times higher than the one you agreed to, with an explanation of the difficulties you didn’t mention. This is exactly why we insist on having everything in writing, signed by the company’s representative. That way you’re making sure to be able to get compensated for all the problems you might experience by the movers from the colleges.