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Tips for Moving a Queen Size Bed

When the time for moving comes you start thinking about how would you go about moving large items. And a few items immediately stand out. Items like cabinets, closets, and beds. And one of the most difficult thing during relocation is moving a queen size bed. They are big, heavy and oddly shaped. They are hard to fit through the door. And you need many people helping you just to get it out of the room. And every little tip can be helpful. When you are presented with such a hard task, you will need all the help you can get. Fortunately, here are some valuable tips for moving a bed this big.

Make a plan

The best practice, whenever you are moving something big, is to make a detailed plan of the move. You will be carrying a large heavy object. And you won’t have time to think on your feet. So, take a piece of paper and make a sketch of your home. Draw a path you will take while carrying the heavy item. Measure the doors and make sure that both the mattress and the bed frame can fit through them. You might need to pivot a little bit. So make sure that you have enough space for it. If you are the one loading and transporting the bed, make sure you park your truck close to the door. Another way to go is to simply find moving assistance in Boston and hire professionals to do it for you. They have the experience and the equipment for such a difficult move.

women writing  a plan for moving a queen size bed

The first step is to make a good plan!

Two parts of moving a queen size bed

If you want to have an organized move you need to split things into smaller chunks. So, whenever you are moving a queen size bed, you will want to do it in two parts. The first part, of course, is moving the mattress. They aren’t as heavy as the bed itself. But they are also not very light. The problem with moving a large mattress is that they tend to bend in the middle. And being heavy doesn’t help at all. So, you will need at multiple people to move just the mattress.

The second part is moving the bed frame. It will be a bit lighter without the mattress. But still very heavy. And moving it is one of the most challenging things during a relocation.

Moving the mattress

When you come to the point of moving a queen size bed, you need to remove the mattress first. Mattresses are also quite heavy. And can’t be carried by one person. Not just because of the weight, but also because they are rather large. So, make sure you have a friend to help you.

white mattress

A mattress is the first thing you need to deal with when moving a bed

Most mattresses don’t have handles on then that will help you to carry them. But, you will be able to make your own handles. Without them, moving such a large mattress will be extremely difficult. Almost impossible to do in a DIY relocation.

To make the handles you will need 2 flat sheets. Lay the first sheet on the ground and place the mattress on it. The mattress should be propped on its longer side. Once the mattress is on the sheet pull the edges and tie a knot with them. Do this on both sides, and you will get two DIY handles that will help you carry the mattress. Do the same with the other sheet. Just this time do it on the top of the mattress. That way you will have two pairs of handles. And moving a mattress will be much easier. Use bottom knots to lift the mattress and top knots to guide your mattress while you are carrying it.

Protect the mattress

Mattresses usually come in bright colors. And you will definitely want to protect your mattress from dirt and tears. So, you should think about getting a plastic wrap for it. It’s very useful no matter if you are just moving the mattress or storing it as well. It will protect it from dirt, water, tears and anything else that might harm it.

Moving the frame

Once you are done with the mattress it’s time to move on to the frame. Whenever you are moving a queen size bed check if you can disassemble the frame. Some frames can be taken apart very easily. And it will help greatly during a relocation. Just make sure you take photos of everything you are about to take apart. It will make it much easier to assemble once you move it.

If you can’t disassemble your bed frame you should fall back to your moving plan. Or consider hiring professional movers. Especially if you have small doorways. Companies like Premium Q Moving and Storage Boston can help you with problems like this. And your entire move will be much easier. But, you can also do it all by yourself. With the help of some friends, of course. The first thing to do is to make sure you have enough space for the bed. And also be sure that the frame can fit through the door. Although the frame is heavier than the mattress it’s much easier to carry. Its shape allows for a much better grip. Although you will probably need more people to help you.

Protect the frame

Just like with the mattress, you need to protect the frame while moving a queen size bed. It can not only get damaged. But it can damage your walls as well. It has sharp edges that can leave some nasty dents in the walls. So, make sure you have plenty of wrapping material. Wrap each side of the frame separately. And also make sure to wrap the legs, if the bed has them, separately from the rest of the frame. It will make your bed more durable during transport.

bed frame

It is important to protect a bade frame!

Moving the queen size bed into the new home

Once you are done loading and transporting your bed, you will need to get it in the house again. But, just like with the moving-out part, a good plan will help you a lot. Make sure that the bed can fit through the doors. And if you are moving into a small room, make sure that there is enough space for the bed. Be careful while carrying it though. You don’t want to make dents into your walls on your first day in a new home.