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Tips for socializing in college

Socializing in college doesn’t have to be hard. Even if you are somewhat an introvert it can be easy for you to socialize. It is way easier to find some good friends in college then it was in high school. Why, you ask? Well, it is because people that are going to college tend to be more mature then they were in high school, which has a lot of sense since they are older. However, there is one more reason to why it’s easier in college to meet new people. All the freshmen are there for the first time. You are not the only one, therefore it is way easier to mingle once you know that most of the people there just like you, don’t know anyone. Starting from the day one at the dorm you will probably make some new friends.

Socializing in college is not hard

Socializing is fun, but don’t forget to study, that is why you are there

Socializing in college 101

It is very important to have friends in college. It is important to have friends in general. Someone who will be there for you, who can give you an advice. While you are in college it can be really good to have a true friend, who will make the whole experience more fun and your move to a dorm stress-free. Moving to a dorm can be a great decision to make. That move will make your social life blossom. Just imagine there is always someone eager to hang out, to talk, to share their problems. However, do no fear, if you want to have some time alone you can always lock yourself up in your room and ask your roommate for some privacy. Hopefully, your roommate will be a good one. If he leaves you alone sometimes, you can do the same for him. It is all about the arrangements you make among each other. However, if you decide not to live in a dorm it doesn’t mean that you won’t have a social life, it just means that you are more independent.

Dorm or an apartment

When you are moving, and starting your college life you have to decide where will you spend the next four years. Will it be in a dorm? Or will you rent an apartment? When it comes to the subject of socializing in college it doesn’t matter where you want to live. However, when you live in a dorm, options for fun are bigger and friendships also. Living in a dorm means that chances for socializing are bigger because people are always around you and chances are pretty slim that you won’t find someone who can be your friend. When you live in apartment things are a bit different. You won’t always be at the center of happenings and therefore by the lack of information, you may miss some things, such as social gatherings. However, if you organize your time right you may still have a satisfactory social college life. And an FYI, renting an apartment is way more expensive then to live in a dorm. So, it is pretty much clear that dorm wins.

Sharing is caring

When you are in college a lot of things in your life are changing. Changes are good, you are learning how to be more independent, mature and responsible. Life in college can make you a very good person. You share everything with your new friends. There are so many things that you can do together, socializing in college can mean:

  • Studying in groups
  • Cooking
  • Going out
  • Sharing notes from the classes
Classroom at a University

Listening to lectures with your friends is way more interesting than listening to lectures alone

And so much more. It is so much fun when you have a group of friends with who you can do all these things. Studying in groups is always much more fun than studying alone, when it comes to cooking, you can cook together a big amount of food and share throughout the week. Going out with your friends is the most fun part of it all, and finally, by sharing notes you help each other, and therefore you are becoming better friends.

There is no such thing as partying too much

Parents main concern when their child is off to college is that they will party too much. There is no such thing. Socializing in college can be as important as studying. Parties are part of the life you will have while studying. Of course, everything should have a reasonable limit, you shouldn’t party all night before the exam. However, if a day off from studying comes up, you sure won’t be spending it in your room. Go out, have some fun, and enjoy your new friendships. Always keep in mind that you don’t need alcohol to have fun. If you have good company fun comes spontaneously. So, no need for drinking, you don’t want to get yourself in trouble, especially not while you are at college.

Get acquainted with different cultures

When you are in college you will have so many people around you. So many different people, from a lot of different cultures. This is a chance one in a million to get yourself familiar with how other people are living, how different is their culture from yours. Ask them where are they coming from? This question is a great ice breaker, who knows, you might end up with a new best friend and you will get to know other customs. Enjoy in diversity that your college experience is providing you. Do not miss all the exciting things that you can do while you are there. However, never forget the reason why are you there, and that is to study.


                              Learn in groups, it is easier

Being in college is a huge thing to experience. Not everyone can do it. Some people do not have enough financial resources or they just have different aspirations and ambitions in life. You shouldn’t take for granted your chance to go to a college. Enjoy in absolutely everything that it has to offer. Study hard, socialize even harder. You may find friends for life.