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Top 3 art college moving problems

Brush number 8 or 9, canvas 1x1m, sketchbooks with acrylic or watercolors, are these the only art college moving problems? And how will all that fit in my freshmen suitcase? If these are some of your thoughts, congratulations! It is almost August and time for the most colorful phase in your life, literally. Then rejoice because we have a solution for that palette of your art college moving problems. In the following lines, we will help you with possible problems that you encounter. As well, we will present you the solutions. As much as art student needs are unique, we will also shed some light on the common problems that all freshmen encounter.

An act of moving itself is stressful, not only for the students but for the whole family, but please note that moving can be without stress. So, be more tolerant one towards another and avoid art college moving problems. Prepare yourself for a lot of organizing. Here is a list of top 3 art college moving problems that we will explore:

1) Checklist for art supplies

The first thing that you should do to avoid art college moving problems is not to create a checklist for everything. If you do so, you are on a great start to multiply not only the expenses but also the problems of your art college moving. Every art college has its’ own facilities and different demands. What is necessary for the Rhode Island School of Design is not necessary for the California Institute of the Arts. Before making any planning board, first, contact the institution where you are going to. This will help you avoid moving problems for art students when it comes to supplies. What is the room equipped with, can you loft the beds and provide space for the paint or canvas? Getting in touch with the people in charge will provide you with the answers.


Your art is what matters.

After that, you will decide if a printer is a must or how many charcoal drawers you can put under the bed. You should have a special place in your room for the holy art supplies, but that does not mean that you need to pack them all in the family car.

Get your canvas ready for art college

Once again, ask and avoid art college moving problems. Prepare a set of organizational questions that will ease the obstacles that you may face during art studies. Some of the professors will not insist on the white paper of the sketchbook but will on the set of pencils. This is a great way to save money and better be safe than sorry. Getting in touch with professors will not only help you effectively portray your future but avoid the art college moving problems too. Furthermore, professors will appreciate you more for expressing the interest. You will get some extra points before you even started which can help in your professional career according to Clara Lieu.

A notebook.

Create a plan and make things easier.

Once you have that cleared up, you will know what ruler, rubber, fabric or paint should be in that suitcase. Only then you can proceed to a regular checklist with the best of prioritizing.

2) Regular checklist

Once your checklist for art supplies is ready, it’s time to make another one to overcome the art college moving problems. The list goes from detergent pods (which you might not think at a first glance) to what you need to know when packing electronics.

Books are just one of art college moving problem.

So, let’s begin with the clothes. No, you do not need everything; you will not even wear most of it. First, check the climate of the area. You will not be able to wear your favorite t-shirt at the peak of the cold season in Minnesota. There are many websites where you can find useful information about the weather conditions in a certain place. Check those websites if you wish to avoid weather college problem that you are not used to, such as rain or winter. So, choose wisely which umbrella you want to pack, and include a lot of socks.


Now, you need to cover those socks with some shoes. Regular pairs of sneakers, some boots for the rain, gym shoes and some special occasion shoes will be enough during the art college journeyYou will commute a lot during the day, so let the comfort be your number 1 care when it comes to shoes. At the beginning of your dorm life, one big bath towel, one big beach towel (depending on where you’re moving), and one facial towel are quite enough. You will save some space for more necessary stuff in the closet and you will learn how to adapt to the situation. Laundry basket, bathrobe, shower caddy, flip-flops are usually not what art students see as a college headache, in reality, they are.

art college moving problems

Art college moving problems are real. However, you can solve them all!

One more headache that we would like to warn you about is a fan. It will save your life during the summer and distract you from the colorful dorm problems. Whatever you do, remember to prioritize, this is the best way to come up with the regular checklist that you will use as an example for the next packing. Take the necessities first and adapt to the conditions of the new environment. Once you get there you will be able to figure out if there are any more things you should buy. Make an agreement with your roommate; you do not need two microwaves or two printers. When it comes to necessities for an art student, one of the biggest problems will be how to pack the artwork, lucky number 3 on our list.