Charming Suburbs Near Dallas.

Top 6 charming suburbs near Dallas

If you have been studying in Dallas, you might be thinking about settling down here and staying even after you finish your studies. There are plenty of reasons why this is so as Dallas is truly an amazing city to live in. It can provide anyone with the lifestyle they want to have as it is such a big and developed city where you have so many options. But living in the city center is not something everyone can handle forever. Dallas is very big and there are millions of people passing through the city every day. So we have decided to tell you a little bit more about the top six most charming suburbs near Dallas where moving is a good idea if you plan on investing in a home, starting a family, or a business.

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Flower Mound

In case you are searching for an affordable place to live in, Flower Mound is the place for you. This makes it a student-friendly location. This is a rural area city located near Dallas so it makes it a suburb of Dallas. And in our opinion, it truly is one of the nicest places that you can settle down in. It isn’t located too far from the city of Dallas which means that you can easily reach downtown any time you need to. But on the other hand, Flower Mound is far away enough to be very peaceful and quiet.

Another thing that must be said about Flower Mound is just how all the residents really do their best to maintain the environment clean. It is a city with many parks and a lot of green space around it. As this city has mostly houses, people have big backyards and they take a lot of care of them. Some people even grow their own food in this area this is why it is considered to be more rural and suburban.

Flowers in a field.
Flower Mound is a beautiful suburb of Dallas with lots of parks and green spaces.

The housing here is affordable so it makes it easier. You can invest in a nice home where you can settle down and start a family. The area has some great schools as well which is another reason to move here. If moving from Dallas downtown, you can reach the place stress-free with the help of reliable movers. Even if you are not moving many things, it is a good idea to hire professional assistance as they will make the whole process faster and much easier.

University Park

The second on our list of the most charming suburbs near Dallas is University Park. It is situated very close to Dallas hence why the cost of living is higher than it is in other suburbs. The Southern Methodist University is located in this suburb which is why a lot of young people live here. A lot of students rent their homes while living here and plenty of them decide to invest in a home after graduation as it is such a nice place to live in.

Another reason to make you want to live in University Park is the fact that it has some of the best schools in the area. This is very important for those of you who are planning on starting a family. What is also important is safety. And that is exactly what University Park provides. No wonder why so many families live here. University Park truly is one of the best places near Dallas and can help you relocate there in no time.

Dallas from far away.
Living so close to Dallas yet not so close is perfect for those planning on starting a family.


This is a suburb that is located just less than 30 minutes away from Dallas and it has been a magnet for people lately. It has affordable housing options, both for purchase and rent. It is a very beautiful suburb with lots of parks and fun things you can do. As it is so close to Dallas, you will always have what to do. No wonder why it is one of the best cities to consider moving to after graduation.


If you are on the search for a suburb where you will have everything you need and more, Plano is the place for you. It has been voted as one of the best places to live in for a reason. For a lot of reasons if you ask us. There are lots of things to see and do in Plano. Many amazing restaurants, shopping malls, galleries, and many other things make this place a perfect moving destination after college. You can start your career after graduating from college as there are plenty of business opportunities to explore.

Plano hot air balloons.
Plano has lots of family-friendly activities as one of the charming suburbs near Dallas.


A suburb located just 25 minutes of driving away from downtown Dallas goes by the name Frisco and we are certain you have heard of it before. This is such an amazing place to move to. Many say that the first reason why you should move here is the fact that buying a home is easy as the housing prices are not too high. The homes are beautiful which is another reason to consider Frisco. It is a suburb saturated with families and young people planning on starting a family which is why there are lots of family-friendly activities to do here.

Highland Park is one of the charming suburbs near Dallas

Highland Park and University Park are two suburbs that sit next to each other and they are very much alike. But Highland Park is a very well-known and desired suburb of Dallas which is why if you plan on moving here, you should start searching for a home right away. Have in mind that the prices are higher as it is such a desirable location to live in. But we are certain that you will find the home of your dreams no matter which charming suburbs near Dallas you decide to move to.