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Top 6 student-friendly places in Maryland

America has a highly rated university system. And there are many good universities in Maryland. Since there are so many good universities in the state, it can get hard to pick the perfect place to live as a student. While we can not find an ideal city for every college student, we can provide some general guidelines. College Moving Deals will tell you about the top 6 student-friendly places in Maryland.

Baltimore is one of the student-friendly places in Maryland

The first city on our list will be Baltimore. Baltimore has around 585,708 residents making it the most populated city in Maryland. The city has many benefits for a student. 

  • What makes Baltimore one of the best places for students is affordability. Baltimore is 12% less expensive than the national average, which makes it perfect for financially struggling students. You will save money in Baltimore on renting an apartment. The median rent in Baltimore is around 1000 dollars, so learn how to find a good rental in Maryland and move to Baltimore. 
  • Second, Baltimore has great education options – The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore City Community College, University of Maryland, to name a few. 
  • Third, since Baltimore is in the center of Maryland. It has a moderate climate. By moving there, you will forget about cold winter and hot summers. 
  • Finally, when people compete for their education, they usually struggle to find a job. In Baltimore – you will find a job easily because of its port and developed tourism industry. 
person holding dollar bills
To minimize your student debt choose Baltimore because it is affordable.

The city has a lot to offer a student looking to move to Maryland. And if you choose Baltimore, you will need some assistance getting there. There are plenty of moving companies, but you should consider hiring to help you. If they are not up to your standards – you can always look for other moving companies. 

Check out Towson

The second city a student should consider in Maryland is Towson. If you are looking for a less crowded town, there is no better place than Towson. The city has only 55,000 residents, and it is peaceful. It does not have a lively atmosphere like other college towns in Maryland. By choosing to study at Towson, you will probably enroll in Towson University, one of the best public universities in Maryland. 

Besides its university, Towson has plenty of outdoor activities. If you are yearning for nature, visit Hampton National Historic Park or Lake Roland

Chevy Chase

Chevy Chase is the third city in our article. The city is for students looking to dedicate themselves to their education. It is a small town with only 10,000 residents. What attracts students there is the town’s history and the fact that it is near a big city. Chevy Chase is only 7 miles away from Washington. Proximity to Washington Dc will give you all the benefits of the nation’s capital minus all the negative. In addition, since you are so close to DC, you will get a chance to enroll in the best universities in the country.

The White House
Chevy Chase is one of the student-friendly places in Maryland because it is close to DC.

Therefore, if you want the ability to live in a small city with opportunities of a big city, local experts can give you a hand and move you into Chevy Chase. Since they know the area getting you into your student apartment will be nothing for them. 

Student-friendly places in Maryland – College Park

The fourth city we will recommend to students coming to Maryland is College Park. If you become a local of College Park, you will have access to many amenities for students.

First, there is plenty of apartments for anybody’s price range. The average rent for studios in the city is around 1,500 dollars, but you can find cheaper options. 

Second, you can comfortably get around College Park. The city is walkable and bike friendly. So you will not need a car if you live in College Park. In addition, there is plenty of buses that can take you to towns near College Park, and Washington is only 5-miles away. 

people riding bikes, learn about student-friendly places in Maryland
If you move to College Park, you can get around on a bike.

Finally, College Park is home to the University of Maryland, where you can get an excellent education. The city has a lot to offer you, so try and avoid mistakes on moving day so that you can reach College Park faster. 

Consider Columbia 

Columbia is in the Valirtmore-Washington metropolitan area and has around 100,000 residents. The city is perfect for a student and has everything a student might want. Columbia is close to other bigger cities like Baltimore and Washington DC, and there are plenty of transportation options to reach them. 

The cost of living in Columbia is 20% higher than the national average, so take that into account before moving to the city. The only higher education option in the city is a 2-year public college – Howard Community College. But as we already said, it is close to bigger cities where you can find plenty of four-year colleges. 


The final recommendation is Salisbury. Salisbury is a city in Wicomico County with 35,000 residents. 

You have two higher education options in the city – Salisbury University and Wor-Wic Community College. Compared to other places in Maryland, Salisbury is not that expensive. The cost of living in Salisbury is 26% lower than the average in Maryland. Studio apartments in Salisbury start at only 750 dollars. 

When it comes to activities, there is the Salisbury Zoo and the city park. If you are looking for a hike, there is the Naylor Mill Forest Trail. But the center of fun in the city is Salisbury University which organizes many events that bring the community together. 

Chose from these student-friendly places in Maryland

These are our picks for the top 6 student-friendly places in Maryland. Each of these cities has its own charms, pros, and cons, but you will find your perfect student town among them.