Top moving mistakes and how to avoid them

It is quite difficult to get everything right when you move, so you often get stuck in the middle of the process with something hanging over your head, without enough information or simply very confused. But the mistakes that you have made are not new nor original, they are most likely quite common and tend to repeat themselves. So, don’t make it hard on yourself and instead of making them take some time to revise this list and take notes if you feel the need to, so you can avoid common moving mistakes, and make this stressful process a bit easier.

  1. People have hard time throwing things away when moving

We can easily say that this is the most common mistake people make when moving and that it is also one

Top moving mistakes

Avoid the mistake of packing everything

that can very easily be avoided. Although it is hard sometimes to let go of the various objects from our past, it is just necessary, especially when moving. So, take a trip down the memory lane and revise:

  • Clothes you haven’t worn in more than two years
  • Gifts that you don’t like and never use
  • Old textbooks and notebooks
  • Shoes that are still pretty but not very wearable

If you are a girl you probably still have a lot of boxes, picture frames and all sorts of tiny objects that fill out shelves. Perhaps you should reconsider just getting rid of all of it.  You can even earn money if you do like a garage sale and sell all of that still in good condition. The rest you can give away or even throw. Just don’t pack it to be moved and of course, never used again.

  1. Make a balance between spending money and spending time

It seems a bit irresponsible to pay for stuff you can do yourself, but sometimes that really is the best option. This is one of the most common mistakes people make when moving. It seems like you are saving money, but in the end, it isn’t worth the effort. The time you invest, friends that you will have to call to help you, paying for gas and food. Instead, it is much better to research a good moving company (get help here) and finish with the whole thing much faster.

  1. Have a paper trail

How to avoid mistakes when moving

Common moving mistakes is not signing a contract

Leaving everything up to chance isn’t really going to cut it this time, so make sure that every agreement has its written form. This also applies to deals you make with yourself, because let’s face it, it is impossible to remember everything and that is a very common mistake when it comes to moving. First, make a moving timeline and try to stick to it. Then, while you are packing, take some time to do inventory, so that you can be sure that you have moved everything and nothing will be left behind. And finally, sign a contract with your moving company so you will be protected if something goes wrong. This is very important when moving. If you are not here what you should list in that contract, you can check here and request a change of offered contract if that is necessary.

  1. When moving, people make the most mistakes when they are packing

Packing is most certainly the longest and the most difficult part of the process, and it comes as a no surprise that people often don’t do it the right way. We have listed some tips for you, so you wouldn’t make the same mistakes when moving.

  • Organize and label your boxes so you can unpack them faster
  • Get enough packing material, such as tape, wire, papers and bubble wrap. And boxes!
  • Separate things per room and color code them. Give directions to the movers to make the process easier
  • Avoid common mistake of not packing the heaviest stuff first, so it would be at the bottom of the pile
  • Separate your important documents and ids in a separate box and take it with you instead of having it moved by your company
  • The most common mistake people make when moving is not packing an overnight bag, so they can never find the things they need before the whole process is finished
  1. Make sure there is enough time to recharge your energy and relax

Moving is a very stressful live event, and another mistake people often make is underestimating how physically and emotionally draining it can be. When planning they never put aside some time so you can take a break, relax and recover. There is no point in doing it in time if you are going to be exhausted for days from all the stress. So, keep this in mind when making your plan and your move will be much easier.

  1. Prepare for the unexpected

No matter how prepared you are it is impossible to have it all your way and mishaps are bound to happen. But have in mind that it is perfectly normal when moving. It is a common mistake when moving, thinking that you can control everything and getting frustrated when things don’t go your way, which is impossible. So, brace the mishaps as they happen, try to fix them in the best way possible, but don’t get yourself worked up for something you can’t control. Go back to number 5 on our list and just relax.

It is very difficult to handle moving, so make sure that you have done everything to make the process easier, get some friends over if not for helping, than at least for keeping you company and don’t worry, everything will turn out just fine. The biggest mistakes people make tend to be very repetitive, so have in mind that you are not the only one facing this issues, and prepare yourself, so you wouldn’t repeat them. In the end, when everything is finished, you will be grateful for the time you have spent planning this whole endeavor, and you will feel much better.